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Theft PC 484
Taking and carrying away personal property of another without consent of the owner.
PC 487
GRAND THEFT..Object must be held or carried on the vitims person.
Petty Theft PC 666
All other lefts not categorized as Grand theft
PC 495
Sever and Remove parts of realty
PC 498
Theft Of Utility Services
Vehicle Theft 10851
When a person drives or takes a vehicle without consent of the owner. With intent to temporarily or permanently deprive the owner.
PC 499b Misdemeanor
Temporarily use boat, bike or vessel
PC 10855 Felony
Intentional failure to to return leased or rented vehicle within 5 days of expiration.
PC 537
Defrauding the INN Keeper
PC 459 Burglary Felony
entering a desiganted building or stgructure with the intent to commit grand theft, petty theft or any felony.
PC 463
Looting during emergency
PC 466
Possesion Of Burglery Tools
PC 496
Receiving Stolen Property
PC 470 Felony
Forgery is signing the name of another or a ficticious person without authority
PC 451 Arson
When a person willfully and mailiciously sets a fire.
PC 452 Unlawfully Causing Fire
Recklessly seting fire, to burning, or causing to be burned
PC 602 Tresspass
Entering and occupying real property of any kind without the consent of the owner.
PC 594 Vandalism
When a person maliciously damages, destroys or defaces any real property.