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What are some of the characteristics of a proper meal?
meat, potato and one other veg
served on plates with cutlery and a drink
social event that unites family
Name two reasons why proper meals are important compared to 'grazing' meals
Proper meals are remembered, make us full, are eaten with others (social) and last longer.
What experiment showed that meal preparation is still central to a woman's role?
Where subjects were told of mothers feeding their families homecooked or takeaway foods on 2 nights of the week and asked them to rate the woman's competence, femininity, morality as well as the meal's healthiness.
What were the findings of the meal health ratings in the homecooked vs takeaway mothers experiment?
under 30s saw both meals as equally healthy while over 45s saw homecooked as healthier.
What about how the subjects rated the mothers?
Both older and younger subjects saw the mothers who cooked the family meals as more feminine, competent and moral.
What are the two most studied areas in regards to proper meals?
proper meals and food intake
proper meals and memory
What was the Rozin et al experiment?
2 Amnesiac/2 controls. offered meals at around 10-30 mins apart. Amnesiacs finished 1st and 2nd meal and part of the third, while normals finished 1st meal and rejected others.
What was the Pliner et al experiment?
Subjects given a sandwich cut into 9 to eat during a computer task or in break of doing a computer task. 30 mins afterwards they were offered a proper meal.
What were the findings of the Pliner et al study?
that those who ate the sandwich during the computer task were less likely to remember how many pieces they ate and were more likely to eat more of the proper meal than those who remembered their eating.
What was Decastro's detailed 7 day diary study?
Gave a large number of people palm pilots and asked them to record all they ate and the context in which they ate it.
What were the results of Decastro's study?
-that the more people present the more you ate
- people generally ate what was presented
-people have little memory for eating in front of TV
- intake on weekends is greater than on weekdays. - this increased intake was due ENTIRELY to longer meal durations because you had more time.
What does food sharing amongst humans denote?
it expresses social relationships.
What is consubstantiation?
A psychological concept which means that you take on some of the characteristics, contagion of another when you share food with them.
Give an example of consubstantiation?
the Mossie of Burkina Faso believe that when you eat with a person you ingest some of them. Therefore you should not sleep with the wife of the man you eat with.
Also the caste system in India - you shouldn't eat with a lower caste as their morals might rub off on you.
There is a ---- correlation between level of intimacy and type of food sharing
The --- the risk of consubstantiation, the -- the intimacy level in Western society
greater, greater
Do we make judgements about other's relationships according to their level of food sharing?
What is the single woman's pattern of eating behaviour/food intake?
healthy, less alcohol, less junk food, eat less meat than men, eat less in general.
What is the single mans' pattern of eating behaviour/food intake?
more junk food, more alcohol
What is the male and female's pattern of eating behaviour in the early stages of dating/
They take on the single female's pattern.
What about later in dating?
Why does this happen?
they tend to take on the male's eating pattern. This is because women feel a bit better about eating crap if they're doing it with someone else.(social facilitation effect)
What happens to female eating patterns when the male dies/not around anymore?
they go back to their healthier ways.
What happens to the male eating patterns when the female is no longer there?
They tend to only relapse back half way to their old unhealthy pattern. The female influence stays with them.
So which sex has the best influence on the other?
Women have a better influence on men.