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Plays on basic fears and emotions of audience
Appealing to Fear or Desire
Tells only one side of the story, leaving out or distorting all other points of view
Card Stacking
An unpleasant concept is softened with less harsh or upsetting language
Uses statistics to support the propagandist's basic arguments, may be takent out of context or simply made up
A manipulation of words and images to make the propagandist's argument appealing his opponent's repulsive
loaded words and images
Repeatinv certain ideas or key words over and over again to ingrain them in the audience's minds
an individual or group is blamed for all of the world's problems, states that if this group were elminiated, all these problems would go away
easily remembered and may remain in one's head long after the details of a speech are forgotten, catchy when set to music
Uses experience of individuals or those who are respected and trusted to persuade and audience