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_ is permanent amenorrhea in a previously cycling woman.
menopause; caused by exhaustion of the ovaries
_ is the term referring to the period around menopause.

E1 = ?
E2 = ?
E3 = ?
E1 = estrone
E2 = estradiol
E3 = estriol
at menopause the greatest reduction is in?

E1 which is primarily produced by _ increases when E2 goes down.

-parietal cells
fat cells
the mean age of menopause is?

51.3 years
premature menopause is defined as menopause before age _.

what is the MCC of hysterectomy?

-uterine CA
-endometrial CA
fibroids in 45-54 y.o.
hyperplasia in 55-64 y.o.
uterine prolapse >65
menopause is diagnosed retrospectively-1 year after LMP. although, it is now being diagnosed with an FSH level > _.

what is the MCC of menopausal women?

-vasomotor symptoms
-mood disturbances
-sleep disturbances
-urogenital symptoms
vasomotor; hot flashes!!

obese women have less vasomotor symptoms than non obese women
false; it is more often with obese women
what is the medication treatment of vasomotor symptoms?

-low dose estrogen plus testosterone
-low dose estrogen
-testosterone only
low dose estrogen plus testosterone
which of the following meds is most effective in reducing vasomotor symptoms?


normal vaginal bacterial flora is dominated by lactobacillus

normal vaginal ph is 3.5-4.5, and after the decline of estrogen with menopause, tissue thins, and with less glycogen=less lactobacillus and the vaginal pH rises to 5.5-6.8....vaginal atrophy
true; treatment of atrophic vaginitis is low dose topical estrogen or replens tiw. semen may help to maintain low pH.
cancellous bone is most frequently lost and is concentrated in the _ & _.

-long bones
spine and long bones
Increased _ activity in the immediate postmenopausal period causes an imbalance between bone resorption and formation.

the risk factors for osteoporosis include all except?

-sedentary lifestyle
-high levels of body fat
-low levels of body fat
-poor intake of vit d/calcium
-northern european descent
high levels of body fat is good
which 2 of the follow meds can cause osteoporosis?

hyperthyroid and glucocorticoids

progesterone alone is an effective therapy for osteoporosis
primary prevention of osteoporosis includes what?
smoking cessation
wt. bearing exercise
good amount of ca & vit d
ET has been shown to help too
what is the USPSTF recommendation for the evaluation of osteoporosis? And for those pt's with risk factors?
65 for routine screening, and between 60-64 for people at risk
if bmd score is less than 1 SD but not less than 2.5 then the diagnosis is ?


>2.5 SD is osteoporosis
what is the best treatment for osteoporosis?

-testosterone only
-progestin only
-estrogen only
estrogen/testosterone (estratest)
35mg of fosamax is for the _ of osteoporosis.
what is the dose of fosamax to be given for the tx of osteoporosis?
70mg po weekly
which is the number one preventative measure of osteoporosis?

-wt. bearing exercises
-smoking cessation
-vit d
smoking cessation
what is the MC cardiovascular adverse event with CHT?


the WHI study of CHT was stopped when the increase in risk of breast cancer with active tx became statistically significant

the WHI showed a slight increase in risk of the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
which of the following SERM's is the only approved med for the tx of metatastic breast CA?

the FDA has approved the use of _ for the prevention of breast CA.

tamoxifen; 45% decrease in RR for breast CA but 3x risk for VTE
what is the MC s/e of tamoxifen?

-endometrial hyperplasia
-inc. risk of endometrial CA
-vasomotor symptoms
vasomotor, in 17% of pt's

tamoxifen has a positive effect on the lipid profile

there is slight increase in the risk of stroke with tamoxifen

raloxifen has been approved for the tx osteoporosis although is less effective than estrogen
phytoestrogens are plant substances that are functionally similar to _.