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amendment that granted women the right to vote
19th amendment
Amendment that prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transport of alcoholic beverages
18th amendment
Movement composed of groups opposed to the making and consumption
of alcohol
Temperance Movement
Movement that brought about increased educational opportunities for women as
well as the passage of the 19th amendment?
Women's Suffrage Movement
What suffragist fought for women’s rights?
Susan B. Anthony
Four major negative effects of industrialization
Child labor, low wages, long hours, unsafe working conditions
This was an association of workers to improve working conditions and benefits.
Labor Unions
What name was given to journalists who exposed social evils and corruption in society?
What labor union, founded by Samuel Gompers, preferred to bargain with employers rather than to call strikes?
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
What strike took place in Pennsylvania due to workers protesting about Carnegie’s cut in wages?
Homestead Strike