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Election of 1912
What is Roosevelt going to do?
He believes in the second term tradition. Feb 1912 he announces “My hat is in the ring”. He is running for the republican nomination.
Roosevelt-Progressive republican formed progressive party. “I am fit as a bull moose.” The progressive party became known as the Bull Moose party.

Democrats nominate Woodrow Wilson
-Academic, PH.D in political science. Taught and the President of Princeton. Governor of New Jersey.

1912 Election-high point of progressive era

Taft-least progressive of the 3
Taft and Roosevelt attack eachother, and left Wilson alone

Oct. 14, 1912 TR makes speech in Milwaukee, he was shot. Assassination attempt. Went through his coat, speech, eye glasses case, and got louged in his lung. Didn’t go to hospital right away, gave his speech anyway.

Votes: Wilson 435
TR 88
Taft 8
Woodrow Wilson
Wilson most progressive polititian
Begins to make progressive reform
-Underwood Simons Tariff: reduction in Tariff
-Clayton Act: Strengthens Shermon Anti trust act, baseball allowed to have monopoly, “Magna Carter of Labor” legalized strikes and picketing, made it more difficult to strike
-legislation for labor: 8hr work day
18th Amendment
Social Justice (one goal of progression)
Prohibition: outlawed alcohol
Individual states will go dry, national movement, Ga went dry in 1908

18th Amendment-ratified in 1919
Prohibition of alcohol, went into affect in 1920

Passed legislation to give enforcements to the treasury department
-they did a bad job of enforcing
-Ways to get around prohibition:
Build a still
Smuggle it in
Industrial alcohol still legal

Al Capone-Gangsta boot legger. Yearly income around 60-100 million

Prohibition Failed-1933 repealed
Alcohol-21st amendment repealed 18th amendment
19th Amendment
19th amendment-ratified in 1920
Womens suffrage
Stared on state level, then went national
Wisconisin Idea
“Wisconsin idea”-democritization of government
Robert M. LaFollette’s idea
1. Direct primary: voters decide candidates
2. Direct election of senators (1913) elected by popular vote
3. Presidential primaries determine who the official candidate will be