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True or False
As President, neither Roosevelt or Taft wiere willing to do anything except exactly what the laws said.
What word means to use the natural resources fo the nation wisely?
How did President Roosevelt become involved in the 1902 coal mining strike?
By forcing the two sides to use arbitration
Author of The Jungle
Upton Sinclair
True or False
William Howard Taft looked forward to running for President.
Meeting to formally settle disagreements
From what economic class were most progressives?
The middle class
Political leaders who controlled elections through bribery and payoffs
political bosses
True or False
Woodrow Wilson was the sixth Republican in a row to be elected President.
Argued that African Americans should focus their efforts on improving their own education and economic well-being
Booker T. Washington
What law was inspired by the book The Jungle and required inspection of food?
Pure Food and Drug Act
Amendment which outlawed the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages in the United States
Eighteenth Amendment
True or False
While President, Theodore Roosevelt emphasized more land for national parks.
Organized by W.E.B. DuBois and others to fight discrimination against African Americans
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
From what country did Congress restrict immigration in the 1880s?
Gives voters the ability to propose a new law by collecting signatures on a petition supporting that law
True or False
Progressives were very happy with the leadership of Taft as President.
Tragic industrial accident where 146 workers died in a fire
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
Who were the reformers who worked to improve American society in the late 1800s?
Progressive journalists who wrote about corruption in business and politics
True or False
Believing it to be more fair, Progressives supported a graduated income tax.
Economic system in which the government own and operate most of a nation's means of production
What political program called for government action against monopolies to ensure free competition?
New Freedom
Word which means "right to vote"
True or False
President Roosevelt did not think all trusts, or monopolies were bad.
Used methods such as picketing, hunger strikes, and civil disobedience to campaign for women's suffrage
National Woman's Party
Of what university was Woodrow Wilson president before becoming president of the U.S.?
Gilded Age president elected in 1884 and again in 1892
Grover Cleveland
True or False
During the Progressive Era, many women joined clubs to talk about current affairs.
Name of New York City's political machine
Tamany Hall
What political platform wanted a strong executive, with more government regulation?
New Nationalism
Amendment which gave to Americans the right to vote directly for U.S. Senators
Seventeenth Amendment
True or False
Public education was an important issue for progressives.
Labor union which worked to bring all laborers together and would try to overthrow capitalism
Industrial Workers of the World
What commision was established by the federal government with the power to examine company records and business practices?
Federal Trade Commission
Amendment which gave to women in the United States the right to vote
Nineteenth Amendment
What law gave the government more power to get rid of monopolies?
Clayton Anti-Trust Act
Economic system where private businesses run most industries, and competitiion determines how much goods cost and workers paid
The process that lets the voters of a state vote on whether or not a law made by the legislature, would remain a law.
Supreme Court decision which ruled that states could not limit the working hours or ordinary workers
Lochner v. New York
Who was the author of The Jungle?
Upton Sinclair
Supreme Court decision which upheld laws limiting women's work hours
Muller v. Oregon
Who worked to change the methods of teaching to include problem solving and critical thinking?
John Dewey
Created to oversee public lands and monuments owned by the federal government
National Park Service
Who was the Socialist Party candidate for president in 1912?
Eugene Debs
Journalist who wrote about lynchings of African Americans
Ida B. Wells-Barnett
What governor of Wisconsin proposed many government reforms?
Robert LaFollette
Roosevelt's program to treat every citizen fairly
Square Deal
Which Progressive worked for laws to protect child and women?
Florence Kelley
Wrote many muckraking articles for McClure's Magazine
Ida Tarbell
Organizations which guaranteed votes at election time through both legal and illegal methods
political machines
First Jewish person to be a Supreme Court Justice
Louis Brandeis
Allowed the federal government to pass direct taxes, such as an income tax
Sixteenth Amendment
Created a merit system controlled by the Civil Service Commission
Pendleton Civil Service Act
A program of reforms to reduce the influence of political machines
Wisconsin Idea
Became president after William McKinley was assassinated
Theodore Roosevelt
System which allowed citizens to choose candidates for public office rather than relying on party leaders
direct primary
Prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of mislabled or contaminated food/drugs
Pure Food and Drug Act
Nickname for Progressive Party
Bull Moose Party
elected president in 1888
Benjamin Harrison
Organization which helped African Americans find jobs and housing when moving urban areas
National Urban League