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What is a high level language that is used for business applications?
wordy, written in sentences and paragraphs
What does "OOP" stand for?
Object oriented programming
combines data and related instructions
govern how words are used together
Which language is frequently used to develop application software?
a version of C
This language that contains verbs and nouns.
High-level language
Third generation language
This language is used as a tool for teaching programming; it includes highly structured syntax.
Named after Blaise Pascal
A detailed set of instructions that tell the computer exactly what to do
computer program
means the same as software
What does "4GLs" stand for?
Fourth generation languages
is results-oriented and can be used by nonprogrammers
What does an application generator do?
enables you to build working programs
program builder
What generation of languages contains nouns and verbs:
Third generation
a high-level language
What does "inherit" mean?
reuse items from existing objects
similar to you inheriting something
Assigns a text abbreviation to each machine instruction
assembly language
low-level language
Nonprocedural means
programmer communicates the task to be done
focuses on tasks instead of steps required to perform task
Fortran was released in what year?
first high level language
What does the acronym "HTML" stand for?
hypertext markup language
it is not really a programming language
A computer language is a way of
communicating with a computer
input, process, output
What high level language was designed to be easy for students to learn and use?
we will be using it this year
Who is Blaise Pascal?
a mathematician
The Pascal language is named after him
Java is used to
develop programs over the Internet
developed by Sun Microsystems
What is a set of written words and symbols that has meaning to a computer?
programming language
similar to what humans use to communicate with
Most Unix operating systems are written in what language?
a high level language originally designed to write system software
This term means a program can run on different computer platfors without modification
this is one of the criteria for deciding which programming language to use
This Java program can be included in a web page and viewed using a web browser
it is often used to add animation
As computer have become more sophisticated, programming languages have become more
easy to use
Computers with different _____ have different machine languages.
located in the CPU
Assembly language programs are converted into machine language using a ______.
used to run/test programs