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What is a "whole life' insurance?
It is an insurance policy on which the policy holder pays premium for his or her whole life.
What is "term insurance?"
It is an insurance policy whose rates are guaranteed only for a certain period of time?
What is a buy-sell agreement?
It is an agreement between owners or shareholders of a closely held corporation in which the surviving owners agree to purchase the shares of a deceased or disabled owner. The proceeds for the purchase usually come from proceeds of a life insurance policy.
What is a key-man policy?
An insurance policy taken out by a company on a key employee whose death would be a severe blow to a company.
What's the first question to ask someone who specializes in insurance?
Do you also manage the assets and if not, do you want to?
What is the difference between life insurance and property and casualty insurance?
Life insurance provides a death benefit if someone dies. Property and Casualty insures property such as buildings and vehicles.
What the common abbreviation for "Property and Casualty?"
Suppose someone says, "I only do life insurance?"
Do you also want to manage the assets your clients have?
What do we mean by a "life only" client?
It's a client with whom the agent has written only one or more life insurance policies.
Suppose someone says they do want to manage the assets of their life clients? What do we then want to know?
How many "life only" clients do you have?
What campaign do we recommend if someone has a large book of "life only": clients?
New Identity
What problem does a life agent face in using his life clients to build a financial planning business?
People know him as a life agent, not a financial planner?
How does the New Identity Campaign help a Life Agent?
Over time, it builds the identity that the agent can also deal with financial assets as well as life insurance.
What other professions coming can benefit from New Identity?
CPA, tax preparer, P&C agent.
What is the first campaign we run with "Life Only" clients?
"Find the Opportunity."