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What is a transactional broker?
Someone who buys and sells individual stock and bonds.
Does BGM recommend a stock broker convert to fees?
Not at all. We make no recommendations as to what to buy or sell or how to do it. We will tell them that there is a decided trend toward fees. But they do not have to do it if they don't want to.
What is a "position?"
It's the total amount of shares of a stock that a broker controls. It can also refer to the amount of stock a client holds in his or her account?
What does "in house" mean?
"In house" means that a particular investment in held by the FA's firm.
What does "out of house" mean?
It means that an investment is held at another firm or even (rare) by the client in a safe deposit box.
What does it mean to "build a position?"
It means to get clients to buy more of a given stock?
Why is it vital for transaction brokers to record "out-of-house" positions in Gorilla?
Because the assets held elsewhere are funds that can be transferred if they asset is not performing well.
Where are "out of house" positions recorded in Gorilla?
In the Sales Profile section of the Info Sheet in the "Investment Position" panel.
Which report does the FA run monthly to see which assets are held out of house?
Database Analysis Report
What does the Database Analysis Report do?
It counts virtually every field in the database.
Have you printed a Database Analysi Report from the Playground;.
The correct answer is "Yes." If you have not done so, do it so you can give the correct answer to this question.
What type of letter would an FA send if he or she noticed several clients have under performing investments held out of house?
Call me.
What is a Letter Format?
It's a "Fill it the Blanks" letter?
Have you read the "Call Me" Letter Format in the Letters Library.
The correct answer is "Yes." If not, to to Letters Library. Choose "Browse" option. Under Letters, choose "Letter Formats" and then select "Master Letter-Call Me Letter Format"
What is unique about a "Call Me" letter that's being used to generate business?
When it's used to generate business, it is always short.
What's unique about a "Call Me" letter that's being used to get someone to return a call.
It's uses humor and will most likely be much longer than a "Call Me" letter used to generate business.
Which "in house" positions should be entered in the Sales Profile?
Only those the advisor may want to add to, sell or otherwise need to communicate about.