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What is Florence Nightingale's definition of nursing?
To put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him.
What is Dorothy Orem's definition of nursing?
Nursing has as a special concern man's needs for self-care action and the provision and management of it on a continuous basis to sustain life and health.
What is the American Nurses Association (ANA) definition of nursing?
Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems.
What are some characteristics of nursing?
- Evidence-based practice
- provides specific service to community
- Standards of practice/ethics (ANA)
- Autonomy in decision-making and practice
What is the function of the American Nurses Association (ANA)?
- establishes Standards and Code for nurses
- promotes professional development and general and economic welfare of nurses
What is the function of the National League for Nurses (NLN)?
- improves nursing education (accreditation, consultation, and testing)
- improves nursing service (continuing education
What are the values essential to the Professional Nurse?
Altruism, Equality, Esthetics (positive image of nursing), Freedom (acknowledge clients' choice), Human Dignity, Justice, and Truth
What is the philosophy of CSN?
Man is:
- biopsychosocial being w/ human needs
- Holistic being w/ value, worth, dignity, and free will
- Adapts and modifies environment
- Committed to betterment of society
What are the roles of the ADN?
- Provider of care
- Manager of client care
- Member of the profession of nursing
What are the ANA Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice?
- Assessment
- Nursing Diagnosis
- Planning
- Implementation
- Evaluation
What are the ANA standards of Professional Performance?
- Quality of Care
- Performance Appraisal
- Education
- Collegiality
- Ethics
- Collaboration
- Research
- Resource Utilization
What is the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses?
#1 The nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual
What are "Never Events?"
- Conditions that are the result of hospitalization/surgery/procedure
- If it's not POA (present on arrival) we won't pay
- Allows Medicaid/Medicare to not reimburse for HAC's (hospital acquired conditions)
- Law passed in 2005 by Congress and went into Effect Oct. 1, 2008.