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What is Creatinine
product of muscle breakdown
What is creatine
used to build muscle (think of little guy (shorter) wants to get bigger
What is Scr a measure of
kidney's ability to freely filter creatinine
What is normal Scr
What are increase of Scr due to
reduction in capacity of kidney to eliminate creatinine
What are decreases is Scr
common in geriatiric patients, b/c of decreased muscle mass
What is point of Creatine clearance
estimate the kidneys ability to clear creatinine and medications (not perfect)
What is normal CrCl
100-120 ml/min
What is equation called to estimate creatine clearance
Cockcroft and Gault
What is Cockroft and Gault equation:
140-age x IBW
------------- x .85=ml/min
72 x Scr
What is TWB
weight in lbs/2.2
What is IBW
F 45.5+ [2.3Xinches over 5ft]
M 50 + [2.3Xinches over 5ft]
What is ABW
TBW/IBW if > 1.3

use ABW= IBW + 0.4(TBW-IBW)
what is Chem 8 of patient chart to identify Scr
Salt Buns
Coca Cola creates Glucose and cancer

K CO2 Scr Glucose and Ca
What are units of CrCl
Adverse drug reactions in elderly
constipation, falls and hip fractures
Examples of physcial changes in elderly
decrease visual acuity, decreased reaction time, decrease muscle mass
How is adsoption altered in elderly
SAME--but SLOWER--acidity decreased, and decreased GI motility-
How is distribution altered in elderly
decrease in serum albumin, more free drug, durg effect more intense
Are elederly more lipophilic
yes, more fat, less muscle
Metabolism in elderly, and elminiation
decrease liver mass, and drecrease blood flow--elimination--decrease b/c of decreased blood flow to kidneys
Phase I metabolism in elderly
CYP450 enzyme is decrased, resulting in decrease metabolism of CPY 450 drugs
Is Phase II metabolism affected by elderly
What causes orthohypotension in elderly
decreased response of baroreceptors, and decreased water volume
What drop is systolic blood pressure characterizes orthohypotension
>20 mmHg
Patient education of orthostatic hypotension
get up slowly, and carefully, maintain water, adn salt intake, eat smaller and more frequent meals, and home safety
Why should elderly eat smaller and more frequent meals
b/c blood goes to stomach
Do drugs have an increased half-life in elderly?
What are 3 drugs types contraindicated in elderly for othostatic hypotension
antihypertensives, tranquiliezes, and antidepressants
What are anticholinergic effects
no see, no pee, no spit, no poop
What is most important pharmokinetic change in elderly
is reduced renal elmination
What is pharmokinetics
ADME, what you body does do the drug
What is pharmodynamics
study of what drugs do to your body, and how they do it
What is adsoprtion
movement of drug from site of administrationt to blood
What is distribution
movement of drugs throughout body
What is metabolism
enzymatic alteration of drug structure
What is excretion
removal of drugs from the body