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even though personal selling is the most expensive method of communication on a per person reached basis, businesses continue to use personal selling because of advantages in:
flexibility and control
When Leann called on a long time cusomer, she realized that the man was upset and took the time to listen to his problem. She was able to sympathize with the customers' recent loss of a pet by using her
emotional intelligence
Gwen is considering how to sell her new produc. She is considering Internet sales, hiring sales reps, using a manufactureers rep, and several other options. Gwen is considering her:
Go-to-Market strategies
The set of people and organizations responsible for the flow of products and services from producer to ultimate consumer is called a firm's:
distribution channel
The primary vehicle for providing unpaid personal communications to customers is:
word of mouth
Salespeople spend more time performing administrative tasks, waiting and/or traveling, making service calls, and selling over the phone than:
face-to-face selling
a person-to-person business activity in which a salesperson uncovers and satisfies the needs of a buyer to the mutual, long-term benefit of both parties.
Personal Selling
a set of people and organizations responsible for the flow of products
and services from the producer to the ultimate user
Distribution Channel
making the customer the very center of everything that the selling firm does
Customer Centric
The various options a firm has to sell its products
Go-to-market strategies
Using various market strategies at the same time
multichannel strategy
Organizations whose go-to-market strategies rely heavily on salespeople
sales-force intensive organizations
communication programs that coordinate the use of various vehicles to maximize the total impact of the program on customers
integrated marketing communication
in the distibutor channel the manufacturer employs sales people to sell to distributors. These people are refered to as:
trade salespeople
work for a manufacturer and promote the manufacturers products to other firms
Missionary salespeople
independent sales people who are paid commission by a manufacturer for all products or services sold
Manufacturers agents
As Sondra concluded her sales interview with Burt she said "I'm pleased you see the value of this new software for managing your inventory. Can you suggest some other small business owners who like to see it?" Sondra is using the ____method of prospecting
Horizon gifts provides promotional gift baskets for b-2-b marketers to give during the holidays. Cal is a long-time user of the service provided and he often suggsts possible clients to the services sales reps. Everytime the lead Cal makes a purchase he receives a free gift. Cal acts as a ___ for horizon gifts
a well known and influential individual who is willing to supply lead information to the salespeople
Center of influence
the primary functoin of salespeople at trade shows is to:
qualify leads for future follow-up
What are the three criteria for measuring effective sales objectives
all objectives should be specific, realistic, and measurable
a sales person who routinely accomplishes his _____objectives is setting his objectives too low
optimistic call
calling when the secreatary won't be there so the call will go straight to the exec is
going under the screen
kathy has just made an appointment with a potentially important prospect. She decides to send the prospect a copy of a recent article discussing global trends in the prospects industry. Kathy is engaging in:
Salespeople should initially try to make an appointmetn with
the focus of receptivity
the focus of receptivity leads to ___ which leads to ____
focus of dissatisfaction, focus of power
actual goal one hopes to achieve
primary call objective
minimum goal one expects to achieve
minimum call objective
the most optimistic outcome one things could occur
optimistic call objective
seller has to convince the gatekeeper that a meeting with the boss is in the boss' best interests
through the screen
while talking to the gatekeeper the seller drops names of people higher up in the organization. The screen may allow the seller in to see the boss right away for fesar of getting in trouble
over the screen
Making contact before or after the screen gets to work
under the screen
Kerry encounters far more objections at the point in a sales call when he actually attempts to gain buyer committment than at any other time. This pattern suggests he
may be ommitting significant selling points in his presentation
At times a buyer voices opinions or concerns more to vent frustration than anything else. When this occurs use the ---method
Mr T, TOm suggested I contact you about our new product. This is an example of the ---- opening
office scanning is an activity most closely related to
small talk
in order to establish--- with his prospect steve said, "I notice you have a collection of antique thermometers, my father also coolects them.What got you interested in that
Marrissa designs retreat vacations for corporate execs. When she walks in she plays hawaiian music and gives them a lei. This is an example of the ---- opening
Used when the customer has a firm idea of the product needed
request for proposal
Fiona, a manager of a retail store, wants to know whether she is maximizing her return on space. She will likely calculate the ----- for each area of the store
sales per square foot
When a sales rep divides the net profits produced for a client by the amount of money the client is investing, the resulting figure is called:
return on investment
simply introduce yourself
introduction opening
tell about someone who reffered you to the buyer
referall opening
start by telling some benefit of the product
benefit opening
actually demonstrate a product feature and benefit as soon as you walk up to the prospect
product opening
start by complimenting the buyer or the buyers firm
compliment opening
start the conversation with a question
question opening
that simply is not true. our product has been rated as the highest in the industry for the last three years
direct denial
i can certainly see why you would be concerned about quality. Actually, though, our product has been rated as the highest in the industry for the last three years
indirect denial
i agree that our quality is not as high as that of our competitors. However, it was designed that way for the consumers who are looking for a low-priced alternative
I can certainly understand how you feel. Mortimer Jiggs felt the same way before he bought the product. But after using it, he found that the quality was actually equal to the other products
The fact that the quality is lower than in other products is probably the very reason you should buy it. You said that some of your customers are looking for a low-priced products to buy for their grandchildren
i understand your concern. you know one of the things i always look for if how a product's quality stacks up with the others. now where were we..
that's an interesting point. before discussing it fully, i would like to cover just two things that i think will help you better understand the product from a different perspective