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Two distinct types of authority?
1. General
2. Organizational
What is the OPNAVINST 3120.32B?
Standard Organization and
Regulations of the United States Navy
General responsibilities
officers and petty officers in
and duties of all the Navy are listed in what article?
Navy Regs Article 1020 is what?
gives all persons in the naval service the right to
exercise authority over all subordinate personnel
Navy Regs Article 1122 is what?
which charges all persons within the naval service to obey readily and strictly, and to execute promptly, lawful orders of their superiors
What is Organizational Authority?
authority held by all officers
and petty officers is derived from each person’s assigned billet within a particular command
Navy Regs Article 1037 give us what?
grants petty officers at
each level the necessary authority for the performance of their duties
Navy Regs article 1132?
Orders must be lawful since subordinates are only required to obey lawful orders
Navy Regs article 1023?
Orders must not be characterized by harsh or
erratic conduct or abusive language
Article 15 of UCMJ?
Authority to administer nonjudicial punishment
EMI can only be given to?
correct an observed deficiency
logically related to the deficiency
EMI will not normally be assigned for more
2 hours per day.
When is a reasonable time for EMI?
outside normal working hours, but will not be used to deprive a person of normal liberty.
How long in duration should EMI last?
duration of EMI will be limited to the period of time required to correct the training deficiency
The authority to assign EMI is normally not delegated below what level.
the chief petty officer (CPO)
The final authority to withhold a privilege is?
rests with the level of
authority that grants the privilege
Something that a person
is expected or required to do by moral or legal obligation
Who is responsible for
maintaining a master WQS bill and only one authorized to make changes for the ship?
The executive officer
On a WQS bill, what does the billet number break down as?
The first numeral or letter indicates each person’s division.
Second numeral indicates the watch or duty section.
Last two numerals indicate each person’s seniority in the section.
What bill organizes the crew
to handle the effects of a major emergency or disaster aboard ship. Situations like collisions; grounding; explosions; chemical, biological, and
radiological (CBR) contamination; earthquakes;
tidal waves; storms; or battle damage are included?
general emergency bill
Priority One for Emergency destruction.
Top Secret material in the
following order:
(1) COMSEC material
(2)special access material (3) other material
Priority Two for Emergency destruction.
Secret material in the following order:
(1) COMSEC material
(2) special access material (3) other material
Priority Three for Emergency destruction.
Confidential material in the following order:
(1) COMSEC material
(2)special access material (3) other material
PQS 100 series
PQS 200 Series
PQS 300 Series
Watch Station/Maintenance
PQS requirements follow the law of primacy (first things first) whicj is?
If the trainees focus on learning how the equipment functions during operation,
they will be better able to identify problems as they develop or even before they occur
Examples of a situation in which interim qualification may be appropriate?
1. not yet achieved final qualification to fill
a more demanding billet.
2. possesses a prior
qualification from a previous command must be used as a watch stander.
PQS qualifiers normally will be as a minimum?
E-5 or above and must have completed the PQS they are assigned
What is NAVPERS 1070/600?
enlisted service record
The left side of the folder contains what?
official and unofficial papers that are required for record purposes or for safekeeping
Right side of the folder contains what?
actual service record
What is the min and max years for Chief Warrant Officer?
12 and 24 years.
What is the min and max years for Limited Duty Officer?
8 & 16