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bilateral treaties
treaties between two countries
Cold War
hostility but no direct war between the US and Soviet Union in 1940-1950
US strategy to control comunism
development and maintence of military strength as a means of discouraging attack
representation of a gov't to other foreign gov'ts
executive agreements
the force or treaties but do not require prior approval by the senate
International monetary fund (IMF)
set up to provide for the short term flow of money
Marshall Plan
unprecedented program to rebuild all of Europe
entering into treaties with other nations to achieve foreign policy goals
has at hand certain instruments, or tools, to use in implementing its foreign policy
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
the general question of American involvement in international trade
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
the US and allies practiced a two-prolonged policy in dealing with Cold war rival Soviet Union: containment and deterrence
go it alone
United Nations (UN)
an instrument of foreign policy