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administrative regulations
control is given to civilian agencies rather than police
Aid to families with Dependent Children
civil penalties
fines or some other form of material restitution as a sanction for violating civil laws or committing negligence
contracting power
means of encouraging corporations to improve themselves, to help build the ecomony
contributory programs
what people have in mind when they think of social security or social ins.
cost of living adjustments
designed to increase benefits to keep up with the rate of inflation
criminal penalties
usually refer to imprisionment but can also have heavy fines and loss of certain civil rights and liberties
discount rate
"hard money policy" that increases the interest rate it charges member banks
eminent domain
a power that is recognized as inherent in any gov't
widely used technique of control in the US, especially in land use regulation
Federal Reserve Board
governing board of the Fed. Res. System
food stamps
coupons that can be exchanged for food at most grocery stores
benefits paid out under contributory programs would be modified annually by cost of living adjustments
an increase in prices
in kind benefits
non-cash goods or services that would otherwise have to be paid for in cash by the beneficiary
a privalege granted by a gov't to do something that it otherwise considers to be illegal
means testing
a procedure that requires applicants to show a financial need for assistance
a program that provides extended medical services to all low income persons who have already est.eligibility through means of testing
provides substantial medical services to elderly persons who are already eligible to receive disability ins. thru SS
noncontributory programs
public assistance programs, welfare
police power
a power traditionally reserved to the states
public policy
policy carried out whether one agrees or disagrees
direct gov't control of conduct
regulatory tax
tax to discourage activity altogether, making it too expensive for most people
shadow welfare state
social benefit that private employers offer to their workers (med. ins.)
social security
social insurance
gov't grants of cash or other valuable commodies such as land
supplemental security income (ssi)
provides uniform minimum benefits across the entire nation and includes mandatory COLAs.
tax expenditures
an important way in which the federal gov't helps ensure the social welfare of the middle class
temporary assistance to needy families (TANF)
a federal block grant that replaced AFDC