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What are the 7 automation modes
OFF, Read, Write, Touch, Latch, Touch/Latch, and Trim
This disables writing and reading and suspends all parameters on a track.
Auto Off
This allows reading but disables writing.
Auto Read
This writes new data for all enabled parameters from Start to Stop and overwrites previous data. Common for a first pass.
Auto Write or absolute write mode
This starts off by reading pre existing automation and then writes new data for any adjusted controls, then returns to pre existing automation when control is released.
Auto Touch or update mode
What is the setting that determines how long it takes to return to pre-existing automation or go back to the null point?
automatch time
What automation modes are HD only?
Touch/latch and trim
This automation mode adjusts existing data proportionally and only affects volume or send levels.
Volume, pan, and mutes can be automated on what kind of tracks?
Audio, Aux, and MIDI
What can you automate on Sends?
Volume, pan, and mute
What can you automate on master faders?
Can you automate all plug in controls?
Automation is written to ______ of an active group
All members
Automation is written in______ mode, not _______
play, record
This disables writing of data for a plug in, send, or output window
Automation safe
Automation playlists have how many playlists per parameter per track?
MIDI tracks have how many playlists?
They have a mute playlist only. Everything else is in the MIDI region
Pro Tools automation is written as...
Pro Tools interpolates between breakpoints with _______ bit interpotlation
Breakpoints take up.....
automation memoroy
What reduces the number of breakpoints?
This type of automation combines trim or VCA playlists into affected tracks playlits
Coalescing Automation
This disables writing/erasing and playback of data.
Suspending Automation
This enables writing of a specific parameter globally and doesn't affect playback
Write enable
This continues the final value of the previous automation pass when using latch mode.
Auto Join
This manually matches controls in Latch or Write.
Auto Match
This is used to preview an automation pass without committing to it. The arrow punches (commits) the pass.
This captures the value of every writing parameter in a selection.
To automate a plug in, you must _____________ on a plug in control to enable it.
command-cntrl-option click
In Graphic editing of automation, you create breakpoints with the....
In Graphic editing of automation,using ________ will leave anchor points. __________ leaves no anchor points.
Cut, delete
A control surface is a substitute for a
True or False: A control surface is a digital mixer.
False. Mixing is still done in computer
True or False: A control surface is an interface
False. No A/D or D/A converters.
A group of tracks mapped to the available controls is called a....
This moves the knob functions to the faders for finer control
fader flip
Control data communication is ________ from audio