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How do you audition regions in the region list?
Option-click (mac)
Alt-click (PC)
AMS and MSS stand for what? Where can you find them?
Audio MIDI Setup, MIDI Setup Studio. Found under SETUP - MIDI - AMS/MSS
You have a MIDI track and an AUX track. What is the most crucial step in routing for your MIDI information to see your virtual instrument?
The output of the MIDI track needs to be the input of the virtual instrument plug-in on the AUX track.
The mix window allows how many views, what are they, and whats the key command to toggle them?
2, Normal and narrow, Command + option + M
You can sort tracks by all of the following, except?

Name, type, edit group, color, mix group, or voice?
Color is not a sorting option.
What menu can you change the playback buffer setting?
Setup -> Playback Engine
How would you set the "default" sample rate for Pro Tools.
Close your session but keep Pro Tools open, go to Setup -> Hardware and change the sample rate.
Explain Banking on a control/work surface.
Banking toggles layers of tracks in sets of 8 accross the surfaces faders.
Flip Mode on a control/work surface does what?
Flips the faders with sends, plug-ins, or pans (rotary controllers) to allow larger, temporary control with the faders over a smaller parameter.
Pro Tools LE provides what upon basic installation?
Sample rate: 96 kHz
Bit Depth: 24 bits
Audio tracks: 32
MIDI tracks: 256
Where do you find the ability to play a Quicktime DV through firewire?
Options -> Video out firewire
What is the only thing you cannot do with the workspace browser?
Mount volumes.
How do you loop preview in the workspace browser?
Select loop preview in the drop down tool box menu in the top right of the workspace browser.
What will Import Session Data not import?
MIDI data.
Key commands to Group, UnGroup, and ReGroup regions?
Group: Command Option G
UnGroup: Command Option U
ReGroup: Command Option R
Key command to open workspace browser?
"Option ;" (semi-colon)
How many memory locations can you have? How can you tell a marker apart from other types of memory locations?
999 memory locations, markers a identified by the diamond shaped gold flag in the memory locations list and marker bar view.
Option dragging a time line selection will result in what?
The entire selection, start and end, moving as a whole and staying the same length.
Option dragging a pre- post- roll selection will result in what?
The deselected flag will move at an equal and opposite rate as the flag being dragged.
Default meter, tempo, and key signature?
4/4, 120 bpm, C Maj
Click count off options can be found under what menu?
To enable or disable your click, which menu you would go under?
Two ways to quantize MIDI recording?
Input quantize and Step Input Quantize
In order for Loop Playback with MIDI merge to work, what do you need to do?
Make sure loop record is off.
How do you access the takes list?
Command click on the region with the selector tool only.
What is Pro Tool's only relative time scale for tick-based files?
How many ticks does a quarter note have? An eighth note?
1/4=960 ticks
1/8=480 ticks
What are the different Elastic Audio Plug-in algorithms? What are they best used for?
Polyphonic=Dynamic pitch changing music
Monophonic=Solo pieces
Varispeed=acts as a tape machine
X-Form=Best algorithms but destructive and audio suite capable only
Two general types of virtual instruments?
Plug-in and Stand Alone
Three ways to monitor sound from stand-alone virtual instruments?
Through pro tools software via ReWire
Through the computer's built in sound compatibilities (Core Audio)
Directly through Digidesign hardware (without pro tools soft ware) (DAE)
Is ReWire data stored when you save a Pro Tools session?
Hell no, write that shit down!
Synchronic has how many parts? Is edit one of them
5. No, you cannot edit in Synchronic.
Xpand! has how many parts?
4 parts
Hybrid has how many filters?
ReWire allows compatible applications to return how many internal audio streams directly to Pro Tools?
Does ReWire allow for the recording of continuous MIDI info?
What timebase does audio default to? MIDI?
Audio : Samples

MIDI : Ticks
Name two different MIDI track views.
Regions View and Notes View
How do you turn the smart pencil tool into an eraser?
Hold option
How is custom note duration enabled? How can you tell if its already been enabled?
Hold the pencil tool and the last option on the drop down menu will be "Custom note duration." Once enabled a small box will appear under the pencil tool with a quarter note symbol in it.
What are your two additional views once Elastic Audio has been enabled on a track.
Warp and Analysis
What are your three Elastic Audio markers?
Event markers
Warp markers
Tempo Event-Generated Warp Markers
What are your two Real-Time Properties views?
Edit window Real-Time Properties view (plug in)
Real-Time Properties floating view (destructive)
How would you select contiguous regions? Non-contiguous?
Contiguous: Shift click
Non- Contig: Command click
If you only wanted the region list to display tracks that were added since the session was most recently opend, what option would you enable?
Regions list drop down -> Include Subsequently Added Regions
What considerations apply when using fades on Elastic Audio Tracks?
Processed elastic audio tracks already come with Microfades.
What is the difference between processing a selection region-by-region or as an entire selection?
The processor will analyzie and treat the selection based on all the regions' information combined, where as region-by-region processing treats each region in the selection individually.
What can you color code in Pro Tools?
Tracks, groups, regions, and markers.
What is the key command to loop a region? What are your various options in the Region Looping pop up dialog?
Command Option L

Number of Loops
Loops Length
Loop Untill the End of Session or Next Region
Enable Crossfades
What is the difference between Absolute and Relative Grid modes?
Absolute snaps your regions to the grid, relative snaps them relative to the regions original position in the desired grid nudge length.
Where can Beat Detective be found?
Event menu
What are the five Beat Detective modes? Which are Audio specific? Which are Audio and MIDI capable?
Bar:Beat Marker Generation (Audio and MIDI)
Groove Template Extraction (Audio and MIDI)
Region Separation (Audio)
Region Conform (Audio)
Edit Smoothing (Audio)
What are the five automation modes?
Off, Read, Write, Touch, Latch
What can and can't the grabber tool do with automation breakpoints?
It can create, delete, and move them, but it cannot lock them. Break points cannot be locked.
How would you duplicate an AUX sends' automation data to the fader automation on the same track?
Copy/Paste Special
Tell me everything about Inserts.
Five inserts
Process top to bottom
Audio and Aux tracks process pre fader
Master tracks process post fader
How many types of sends are there? What are they?
2, Interface and Buss
How many sends can you have? What are they?
10, A thru J
By default, what level will an AUX send fader start at upon creation? How can you change this and what to?

In Setup -> Prefrences you can change it to 0dB.
Option Shift Click is what?
Constrain to selected
Looking at an AUX send fader, how can you visual tell if the track is mono or stereo? If the send in mono or stereo?
The # of VU meters on the track signifies mono/stereo.

The # of buss sends in the output bath signifies a mono/stereo send.
How would you place a track into solo safe mode?
Command click the solo button.
What are your two main categories of RTAS plug-ins?
Gain based (Dynamic)
Time based
Dither. When to use it? Important things to remember?
Going from a higher bit depth to a lower bit depth.

Only use as the last plug in in the signal chain.
How do you create a group?
Command G
How would you identify an active group? A hidden track?
Active groups and showing tracks are highlighted in the track list, the inactive groups and hidden tracks are not.
Can the ALL group be edited?