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foot and mouth disease
disease among animal algriculture that is viral and spreads extremely quickly
mad cow disease
feeding livestock the livestock by products
acute kidney damage
possibility for recovery
chronic kidney damage
will not recover without new kidney
allows time for kidney to repair but is not a cure
Infectious disease
any disease caused by growth of pathogenic microorganisms in body...may or may not be contagious
Canine Distemper
highly contagious viral disease
Natural hosts of canine distemper
all animals in the following families:
highest incidence of canine distemper in dogs
3-6 months of age
transmission of canine distemper
aerosolization of body secretions
clinical signs of canine distemper
fever-cough-mucopurulent nasal and ocular discharge-pneumonia-anorexia-vomitting-diarrhea-dehydration-abdominal pustules-hyperkeratosis of foot pads-chewing gum seizures-ataxia(acting drunk)-circling-blindness
result of canine distemper
usually euthanized...vets do not want in clinic b/c highly cure