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2 Types of Statistics
1) Descriptive
2) Inferential
Descriptive Statistics
summarize and describe the variability in the behavior
Inferential Statistics
infer reliability and generalizability of one's findings.
an indication of how tightly or loosely a set of scores clusters around the mean of the scores.
Total Variance
Systematic Variance+Error Variance
Systematic Variance
the part of total variability in a participant's behavior that is related in a orderly predictable fashion to the variables that are being investigated
error variance
variance that is unaccounted for
2 ways to minimize error variance
1) control for variables
2) be very specific w/ variables and instructions
Cohen's Effect Sizes, association, S,M,L
~.01- small
~.06- med
>.15- large
a procedure used to analyze and integrate the results from a large set of individual studies.