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____ is when 2 different mutant alleles at a given locus
compound heterozygote
____one mutant allele at 2 different loci
double heterozygote
Most dominant genes code for __________
structural proteins
Most recessive alleles code for________________
enzymes or regulatory proteins
___ results from genetic and environmental causes
3 non mendelian forms of inheritance are--?
mitochondrial, genomic imprinting, and triplet repeats
diabetes, hypertension, obseity, cancer, and heart disease are examples of what kind of genetic disorders?
Mitochonrial genome inherited from________, disorders influence ___ and ____, and ______ and _______
neurological and muscle,
energy and metabolism
What is Prader Willi syndrome?
inherit deletion from dad
both copies from mom
genomic imprinting
What is Angelman syndrome?
inherit deletion from mom
both copies from dad
Fragile X, Huntington disease, myotonic dystropy are all examples of what category of genetic disorder?
Trinucleotide repeats
2 hardy weinberg equations

disease frequency
gene frequency
carrier frequency
If unaffected individual has affected sibling, they have ____ freq, (*1/2 since half chance passing it on)
_____ disorders areless severe and age dependent
autosomal dominant
Polyposis coli, polycystic kideny disease, Marfan, achondroplasia, Huntington chorea, neurofibromatosis, myotonic dystrophy, Facuio-scapulo, Waardenburg, Holt-Oram, Von Willebrand are what types of disorders?
Autosomal dominant
_____ are usually associated with enzyme activity, more severe less variable, less age dependent
autosomal recessive
Cystic fibrosis, phenylketonuria, Werdnig-hoffman, Ellis van creveld, galactosaemia, Tay-sachs, albinism,fancoui,ataxia telangiectasia,absent radii and thromnocytopenia are types of what disorders?
autosomal recessive
Xg blood group,Vit D resistent rickets, oral facial digital, incontenentia pigmentii, focal dermal hypoplasia are types what disorders?
X linked dominant
Duchenne Muscular dystrophy, Becker M.D.,Fabry, Lesch-nyhan, Wiskott-aldrich, Haemophilia A B, nephrogenic diabetes are types of what disorder
X linked recessive