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duco, ducere, to lead
duxi, ductus
dic, dicere, to say
dixi, dictus
facio, facere, to make or do
feci, factus
amo, amare to love
amavi, amatus
habeo, habere, to have or to regard as
habui, habitus
audio, audire, to listen
audivi, auditus
perficio, perficere, to complete
perfeci, perfectus
uinco, uincere, to conquer
uici, uictus
ago, agere to do or drive
egi, actus
lego, legere to read
legi, lectus
coquo, coquere to cook
coxi, coctus
gero, gerere, to do or act
gessi, gestus
capio, capere, to capture or take
cepi, captus
decipio, decipere to decieve
decepi, deceptus
adscribo, adscribere, to write to
adscripsi, adscriptus
scribo, scribere, to write
scripsi, scriptus
mitto, mitttere, to send
misi, missus
defendo, defendere, to defend
defendi, defensus
uideo, uidere, to see
uidi, uisus
iubeo, iubere, to order
iussi, iussus
reddo, reddere, to return
reddidi, redditus
soluo, soluere, to release, pay
solui, solutus
moueo, mouere, to move
movi, motus
adiuuo, adiuuare, to help
adiuui, adiutus
do, dare, to give
dedi, datus
sum, esse, to be
fui, no past participle
adsum, adesse, to be present
adfui, no past participle
fero, ferre, to carry
tuli, latus
aufero, auferre, to take away
abstuli, ablatus
abeo, abire, to go away
abivi, abitum
praesum, praesse(?) to be in charge of
praefui, no past participle
ineo, inire, to go into
iniui or inii, initum