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Prosimian top inscisors...
peglike; widely spaced
Prosimians bottom inscisors
dental comb
Prosimian Canines top
dagger like
Prosimian bottom Canines
incisiform; part of the dental comb
Prosimian pre molars top
unicuspid; bicuspid;triuspid
Prosimian bottom premolars
p1: canini form; unicusp; bicusp
Prosimian molars top
tritubercular: 3 cusps
Prosimians molars bottom
quad: 4 cusps
Compared to Anthropoids, prosimians have
smaller brains; larger muzzle; horizontally positioned foramen magnum; straighter craniofacial axis
Do prosimians have paired or fused frontal bones?
How oriented is the orbital plane of prosimians?
Do prosimians have paired dentary bones?
yes (mental symphysis)
Do they have a lower or higher ascending ramus of the mandible?
what do prosimians have that no other primates have?
rhinarium and a frenulum and tateum?
Compared to prosimians... Antropoids have
larger brains; smaller muzzel;
How are their frontal bones?
they are fused
Do they have a postorbital wall or bar?
How is the orbital plane oriented in antropoids?
more frontal
Do they have paired or fused madible (dentary bones)?
Do they have a grooming claw?
no grooming claw