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If a patient was symptomatic and had bradycardia, what drug would we administer?
What are the three treatments for sinus arrest?
Pacemaker, atropine, and isoproterenol
When looking at an EKG, what is the difference noted between wandering atrial pacemaker and multifocal atrial tachycardia?
Wandering atrial pacemaker has rate of < 100.
MAT rate is > 100
What is the treatment for wandering atrial pacemaker?
None, unless dig toxicity.
MAT is very common in what very common respiratory disease state? What are some pharmacologic causes?
Drugs- CCB's, BB's, and amiodarone.
What are some relatively normal activities that can cause a PAT? What is the point of the compensatory pause?
Alcohol use, tobacco use, caffeine, and stress.
Point of pause is so atria can reset itself.
What is the rate for atrial tachycardia/PAT? What are the possible therapies?
Use valsalva maneuver, CCB, vagal maneuver, or oxygen.
What is the drug of choice for PSVT?
When a patient has atrial flutter, what is the deciding factor as to if they get cardioversion/"paddle whack" or a CCB?
Get CCB if assymptomatic; thus get paddle whack if symptomatic
If a patient is comes to the ER with atrial fibrillation, what will we do for them?
Cardiovert, coumadin (takes 5 days to work), heparin
When looking at an EKG, how can you tell the difference between a PAT and a premature AV junctional contraction?
There is no P wave in the PJC or it is after the QRS and/or inverted.
What would you name a rhythm that had a rate of 20-40 bpm and you would treat w/ atropine?
ventricular escape beats/Idioventricular Rhythm
When you have PVC's that alternate with regular heart beats what pattern of PVC's is that labelled?
Three of more PVC's =...
What is the treatment for iodiventricular rhythm?
atropine and/or transcutaneous pacing
What are two names for 2nd degree Type I AV Block?
Type I (Wenckebach, Mobitz Type I)
What are two names for 2nd degree Type II AV Block?
Type II (Mobitz Type II)
What is the difference between 2nd degree AV block Type I and type II?
Type I:Wenckebach, Mobitz Type I. These rhythms have a steadily lengthing PR interval followed the dropping of the QRS complex.

2nd Degree Type II has a steady PR interval
What is the treatment of 3rd degree AV block (atrial and ventricles beat indepently of eachother?
What is one of the primary causes of sinus arrhythmia?