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How often is colonoscopy performed in postmenopausal women?
every 10 years
how often can flexible sigmoidoscopy be performed in post menopausal women?
every 5 years with a yearly fecal occult blood test
how often and when should mammography be performed?
anually in all women over 50
Who should be screened for osteoporosis using a DEXA scan to determine bone mineral density?
postmenopausal women who are not on hormone replacement therapy and all women 65 years or older
Who should undergo a pap test screening?
all women who have been sexually active should undergo a yearly pap test screening or after a women has had three or more consecutive normal pap smears, the Pap test may be performed less frequently in a low-risk woman
In whom should TB skin testing be performed?
TB skin testing need only be performed in individuals suspected of having TB, those who are iV drug users, those who are residents of nursing homes or long-term care facilities, or those who work in a profession that is health-care-related.
What are the immunizations that women over 65 should have?
tetanus-diptheria booster every 10 years, influenza virus vaccine annually, and a one-time pneumococcal vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine in individuals at high risk
Whom are individuals that are at high risk and in whom would Hepatitis B vaccine indicated?
international travelers, intravenous drug users, sexual contacts, occupational exposure to blood or blood products, persons with chronic liver or renal disease, residents of institutions for the developmentally disabled and of correctional institutions
Who should undergo cholesterol testing?? How ofting should testing be performed?
Women over 65
3-5 years
Who should undergo fasting glucose testing?? How often should testing be performed?
women over 65
every 3 years
Who should undergo screening for thyroid disease with TSH testing?? How often should testing be performed?
women over 65
screening for thyroid disease with TSH every 3-5 years and periodic urinalysis
Who should undergo periodic urinalysis??
women over 65
Is Ca-125 recomended in women over 65 years old?
CA-125 testing is not recommended for ovarian cancer screening in women who are at low risk for ovarian cancer
How should urinalysis that is postive for blood be followed?
should be followed with a urine culture to detect an asymptomatic urinary tract infection before further workup is done or referral to a urologist is made
what are the leading causes of death in women over 65 years old?
diseases of the heart, cancer, cerebrovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, penumonia, influenza, diabetes mellitus, accidents, and Alzheimer's disease