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Comiamos juntos todos os fins de semana
we used to eat together every weekend
ela abaixava o som do estereo
She turend down the sound of the stereo
Eles estavam doentes
they were sick (conditions)
ela parecia bem
she looked well (conditions)
o ceu estava azul
the sky was blue (description)
O joao tinha cinco anos
john was five years old (description)
maria fumava demais
mary smoked too much (recurring)
o filme sempre comecava as nove
the movie always startled me (recurring)
eles trabalhavam ate tarde
they would always work late
maria dancava enquanto eu estudava
maria danced while i studied (two events at once)
nos falavamos
we spoke
voces falavam
they spoke
eu comia
i ate
nos comiamos
we ate
eles comiam
they ate
eu abria
i opened
nos abriamos
we opened
voces abriam
they opened
eu sera
i was
nos seramos
we were
voces seram
they were
voce tinha
you had
nos tinhamos
we had
eles tinham
they had
eu vinha
i came
nos vinhamos
we came
voces vinham
you all came
eu punha
i put
nos punhamos
we put
voces punham
you all put
eu ia
i went
nos iamos
we went
eles iam
they went
quases sempre
almost always
muitas vezes