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STAGE 3 & 4
mechanical device (irragation)
1. spray bottles
2. bulb/piston syringes
3. Water pik (lowest setting)
stage 3 and 4

a. debridement
a. pomote granulation of new tissue
sufficient: ulcer is pink (healthy)
small debrides: whirlpool, wet to dry dressings
surgery: advanced
stage 3 and 4

a.Supportive care
a. treat :anemia, dehydration , high protein diet , infection
Stage 2, 3, and 4

wide infection: systemic antibotics needed
a. colonized w/bacteria
wound fails to heal:
topical-broad spectrum antibiotics
in addition to prevetative

3 major principles of wound management:
1. keep clean
2. promote granulation: remove debris/dead tissue
3.adequate nutritional intake