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Theodore Roosevelt
1901-1909, R.
-First American to win Nobel Peace Prize
-Panama Canal (Hay-Pauncefote Treaty)
William Howard Taft
1909-1913, R
-Chief Justice 1921-1930 (only one)
-Dismantled standard oil 1911
Woodrow Wilson
1913-1921, D
-14 Points
-League of nations
Warren G. Harding
1921-1923, R
-Teapot Dome Scandal
-First newspaper publisher elected prez
Calvin Coolidge
1923-1929, R
-Immigration Act of 1924
-Nat'l income increased 40%
Herbert Hoover
1929-1933, R
-Named one of two finest engineers by columbia
-Bonus Army
1933-1945, D
-New Deal
-Increased 9 to 15 justices
Harry S. Truman
1945-1953, D
-Atomic Bomb against Japan
Dwight D. Eisenhower
1953-1961, R
-approached by both parties as a candidate
-Eisenhower Doctrine against communism
1961-1963, D
-Peace Corps
-Cuban Missile Crisis
1963-1969, D
-1964 Civil Rights Act
-The Great Society
Richard M. Nixon
1969-1974, R
-SALT Agreement to end cold war
-Watergate scandal
Gerald R. Ford
1974-1977, R
-First vice-prez appointed under 25th
-pardoned Nixon for watergate
Jimmy Carter
1977-1981, D
-boycotted olympics 1980
-worldwide human rights
Ronald Reagan
1981-1989, R
-Oldest person to be elected president
-only divorced president
George Bush
1989-1993, R
-83% popularity rating
-"most qualified president of 20th century"
Bill Clinton
1993-, D
-Biggest econ growth since new deal
-monica lewinski