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_____ you _____ (be) to London?
Have you been to London?
Your brother _____ (just call).
Your brother has just called.
The weather _____ (not be) nice lately.
The weather has not been nice lately.
How long _____ your parents _____ (live) there?
How long have your parents lived there?
We _____ (already see) that film.
We have already seen that film.
Don't say that Bob _____ (forget)the key.
Don't say that Bob has forgotten the key.
Bruce and Willis _____ (stay) at our hotel.
Bruce and Willis have stayed at our hotel.
Someone _____(let) the cat out of the bag.
Someone has let the cat out of the bag.
My sisters _____ (not sell) the house yet.
My sisters have not sold the house yet.