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George Washington
Bill of Rights
Whiskey Rebellion
Cotton gin
Called Father of His Country
James Madison
Emabargo Act
War of 1812
Called the father of the Constitution
Thomas Jefferson
Marbury vs. Madison
Barbary Pirates
Burr Conspiracy
Burr-Hamilton Duel
Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark
Clermont Steamboat
John Adams
XYZ Affair
Alien and Sedition Acts
Midnight Appointments
James Monroe
Cumberland Road
New England Factories
Era of Good Feelings
Missouri Compromise
Invasion of Florida
Monroe Doctrine
John Quincy Adams
Baltimore-Ohio Railroad begins construction
Erie Canal Opens
Andrew Jackson
Indian Removal
Alamo falls to Santa Anna
Nullification Crisis
Texas Independence
Black Hawk War
Jackson vs. Second Bank of U.S.
Nickname: Old Hickory
Martin Van Buren
Trail of Tears
Panic of 1837
William Henry Harrison
1st president to die in office; served the shortest term in office
Nickname: Old Tippecanoe
John Tyler
Irish and German Immigration
Oregon Trail
Signs Texas Annexation
James K. Polk
Texas Annexation
Manifest Destiny
California Gold Rush
Oregon Treaty
Mexican War
Seneca Falls Convention
Zachary Taylor
Compromise of 1850
Fugitive Slave Act
2nd president to die in office
Nickname: Old Rough and Ready
Millard Fillmore
Compromise of 1850
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Franklin Pierce
Underground Railroad
Gadsden Purchase
Boom Time for Railroad Building
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Bleeding Kansas
James Buchanan
Dred Scott
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Pony Express
John Brown’s Raid-Harper’s Ferry
Abraham Lincoln
Civil War
Lincoln’s Assassination
Gettysburg Address
Nickname: Honest Abe
Andrew Johnson
Reconstruction Starts
13th Amendment
Black Codes in the South
Impeachment Trial
Ulyssess S. Grant
Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad
Susan B. Anthony
Reconstruction Ends