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Brand name: Accupril
Generic Name: quinapril
Use: antihypertensive
Brand name: Acetaminophen w/ codeine
Generic Name: acetaminophen w/ codein
Use: antinociceptive
Brand name: Aciphex
Generic Name: rabeprazole
Use: acid reflux disease
Brand name: Actonel
Generic Name:risedronate
Use: osteoporosis
Brand name: Actos
Generic Name: pioglitazone
Use: type II diabetes
Brand name: Adderall XR
Generic Name: weight loss, stimulant
Brand name: Advair
Generic Name: amphetamine
Use: Weight loss, stimulant
Brand name: Advair Diskus
Generic Name: salmeterol w/ fluticasone
Use: asthma
Brand name: aldactone
Generic Name:spironolactone
Use: hypertension
Brand name:Allegra
Generic Name:fexofenadine
Brand name: Allegra-D
Generic Name: fexofenadine w/ pseudoepherdrine
Use: colds/allergies
Brand name: Altace
Generic Name: rampipril
Use: antihypertensive
Brand name: Amaryl
Generic Name:glimepiride
Use: type II diabete
Brand name: Ambien
Generic Name: zolpidem
Use: sleep aid
Brand name: Amoxil
Generic Name: amoxicillin
Use: anti-infective
Brand Name: Antivent
Generic name: meclizine
Use: anti-emetic
Brand Name: Atarax
Generic name: hydroxyzine
Use: anxiolytic
Brand Name: Ativan
Generic name: lorazepam
Use: sleep aid, anxiety
Brand Name: Augmetin w/ clavulanate
Generic name: amoxicillin w/ clavulanate
Use: anti-infective
Brand Name: Amoxil
Generic name: amoxicillin
Use: anti-infective
Brand Name: Apri
Generic name: desogestrel w/ ethinyl estradiol
Use: contraceptive
Brand Name: aspirin
Generic name: aspirin
Use: anelyesic
Brand Name: Augmentin, Augmentin ES-600
Generic name: amoxicillin w/ clavulanate
Use: antipyretic
Brand Name: Avandia
Generic name: rosiglitazone maleate
Use: type II diabetes
Brand Name: Avapro
Generic name: irbesartan
Use: antihypertensive
Brand Name: Aviane
Generic name: levonorgestrel w/ ethinyl estradiol
Use: contraceptive