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a/d canine/feline canned formula
FOR: acute care, anorexia, assisted feeding.
USED: in dogs/cats with certain medical conditions assocations w/debilitation, cachexia and anorexia and recovery (product is syringable)
b/d canine dry formula
FOR: clinically proven to help combat signs of brain aging and assocaited behavioral changes
HOW IT WORKS: increased levels of antioxidants (vitamins C &E, beta carotene, selenium, lipoic acid), L-Carnitine, n:3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA) helps protect against free radical damage to nervous tisue.
*Appropriate nutritional profile for geriatric dogs*
c/d canine/feline formulas
FOR: to aid in preventing recurrence of struite crystalluria, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (F.L.U.T.D) cystitis.

*decreased levels of minerals*
*for fewer calories see w/d.
URINE pH= acid (6.2-6.4)
d/d canine/feline formulas
FOR: dermatologic or GI signs resulting from food alllergy or intolerance.
*contain low level of highly digestible novel protein sources.

a diagnostic diet
g/d canine/feline formulas
FOR: renal insufficiency in obese-prone or hyperlipidemic patients, for geriatric pets at risk of renal disease, for feline heart disease or failure.

*controlled levels of protein, reduced phosphorus % sodium added soluble fiber, increased buffering capacity added n-3 fatty acids

Urine pH= 6.4-6.6 (feline)
h/d canine formula
*a greatly restricted sodium diet*
FOR: moderate to advanced cogestive heart failure, and hepatic (liver) and renal (kidney) diseases where hypertension or sodium/fluid retention appears to be the predominant problem.
i/d canine/feline formulas
FOR: gastrointestinal conditions including gastritis, enteritis and recovery from GI surgery, colitis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and non-hyperlipidemic pancreatitis
*highly digestible nutrients*
*mixed fiber source added*
j/d canine dry and canned formula
FOR: osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease). clinically proven to reduce pain in dogs with arthritis, help dogs with arthritis walk and run better, play better and climb stairs more easily
*contains high levels of EPA (which is anti-inflammatory and also works to turn off genes that cause cartilage damage) and alpha-linolenic acid (a precursor to EPA)
*added glucosamine and chondroitin to enhance cartilage repair*
k/d canine & feline formulas
FOR: kidney(renal) failure, early heart failure.
* decreased levels of protein, phosphorus, sodium, added soluble fiber, increased buffering capacity, added n-3 fatty acids
i/d canine/feline formulas
FOR: liver disease
*restricted levels of highly bioavaulavle protein, added arginine, Vit K & zinc, controlled iron, copper, & Vit. E, reduced mediators of ammonia productions, enhanced with L-Carnitine.
*note* feline canned formula is syringable
m/d feline canned and dry formulas
*clinically proven to alter a cat's metabolism*
FOR: effective weight loss in obese cats and glycemic control diabetes mellitus. Low carbs, high protein, addded L-carnitine and appropriate fiber levels allow cars to feel full, maintain lean body mass and liver health during weight loss, added arginine, taurine & anitoxidants for glycemic cntrol to reduce complications in diabetes.
Urine pH= acid 6.2-6.4
n/d canine canned nutritional aid formula
FOR: to help reverse the metabolic abnormalities that occur in dogs with cancer (neoplasia).
DOES: (proven in clinical study) to increase survival time and improve quality of life for dogs undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer.
p/d canine/feline formulas
*has increased levels of protein , energy and other nutrients to support growth and development, gestation/lactation or to help correct deficiencies and replenish body stores during recovery from surgery or acute/chronic debilitating conditions.*
p/d feline canned formula an alternate choice for diabetic cats
r/d canine/feline formulas
*reducing diet*
*increased levels of fiber, decreased levels of fat/energy aid in managing obesity, hyperlipidemi and canine lymphangectasia*
*Therapeutic levels of L-Carnitine aid in optimal fat metabloism, while maintaining lean muscle.
s/d canine/feline formulas
FOR: initial management of struvite crystals associated with F.L.U.T.D
Urine pH= acid (5.9-6.1)
*to aid in the dissolution of struvite uroliths (stones)*
* reduced in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium
t/d canine/feline dry formula ONLY
FOR: to aid in reduction tartar, stain , plaque and gingivitis associated w/dental disease.
u/d canine formula
FOR: only to aid in the management of urolithiasis (urate, oxalate and cystine uroliths, advanced renal failure)
*greatly reduced in protein
*reduced in mineral levels
Urine pH= alkaline (7.1-7.7)
w/d canine/feline formulas
*increased levels of fiber, decreased levels of energy
FOR: to aid in wight management, colitis, constipation, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia and L.U.T.D (canine and feline)
*therapeutic levels of L-Carnitine aid in optimal fat metabolism while maintaining lean muscle

Urine pH= acid (6.2-6.4)
x/d feline formula
FOR" to aid in preventing recurrence of calcium oxalate crystal formation.
*decreased levels of minerals
*potassium citrate added

Urine pH= more alkaline (6.6-6.8)
z/d canine/feline dry/canned products
FOR: to aid in management of adverse reactions to food (food allergy or good intolerance) w/dermatologix and/or GI signs.
*uses hydrolyzed animal protein sources w/low molecular weight (<3000daltons) to evade detections by the bodys immune system
*dry canine /d ultra-allergen free contains exclusively hydrolyzed protein low allergen contains hydrolyzed animal protein combined w/potatoe.
Urine pH= 6.2-6.4