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en caso de
in case of
sI que
really, certainly
en atención a
in consideration of
un par de dias
a couple of days, a few
a fuerza de
by dint, means, effort of
a cambio de
in exchange for
a favor de
in favor of
al dia siguiente
the following day
a partir de
starting from, at the beginning of
al través de
across from
aparte de
aside from
en honor de
in honor of
a falta de
for lack of
al menos, por lo menos
at least
tal vez
perhaps, maybe
por medo de
by means of
al mes de
a month after
al lado de
alongside, next to
no obstante
notwithstanding, nonetheless
a causa de
because of, due to
a razón de
because of , owing to
en lugar de
instead of