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aider à
to help to
apprendre à
to learn how to
arriver à
to manage / succeed in ___-ing
avoir à
to have to / be obliged to
chercher à
to attempt to
commencer à
to begin to / ___-ing
consentir à
to consent to
continuer à
to continue to / ___-ing
encourager à
to encourage to
enseigner à
to teach to
inviter (qqun) à
to invite (someone) to
renoncer à
to give up ___-ing
résister à
to resist ___-ing
rêver à
to dream of ___-ing
songer à
to dream of ___-ing (2)
tarder à
to delay / be late in ___-ing
tenir à
to hold (someone) to / insist on ___-ing
venir à
to happen to
accepter de
to accept, agree to
avoir peur de
to be afraid of ___-ing
choisir de
to choose to
craindre de
to fear ___-ing
décider de
to decide to
essayer de
to try to
finir de
to finish ___-ing
oublier de
to forget to
refuser de
to refuse to
promettre de
to promise to
prier de
to beg to
proposer de
to suggest ___-ing
venir de (faire X)
to have just (done X)
rêver de
to dream of ___-ing (3)