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MacConkey Agar:
-Bile salts
-Neutral red
What color is Mac when the bug ferments lactose?
Magenta, due to acid byproducts of the fermentation
What color is Mac when the bug is a lactose nonfermentor?
What do the bile salts in MAC do?
Inhibit gram positives from growing
4 sections of the Haemophilus quad plate:
1. RTF with X and V
2. TSA with X
3. TSA with V
4. Chocolate with X and V
What is the real name of X/V?
X = heman
What is the gamma (non) hemolytic strep?
Strep group D - Enterococcus faecalis
Test for Strep grp D
Bile esculin darkening
What streps are alpha hemolytic?
-Strep pneumo
-Strep viridans
-Strep grp D
How do you test for Strep pneumo?
Optichin sensitive and pneumoslide
What streps are beta hemolytic?
-Strep pyogenes - A
-Strep agalactiae - B
Test for Strep A
Bacitracin sensitive
Test for Strep B
Latex agglutination
How to differentiate staphs from streps
Catalase pos (staphs)
4 diagnostic features of Staph aureus:
-Grows on mannitol salt
-Hemolytic on sheeps blood
-Gold on TSA
-Coagulase pos
How to tell apart Staph epidermidis from aureus:
-Grey on TSA
-Coag neg