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Before the common era
How old is the earth
4.5 billion years old
!st primates
60 million years ago
Emergance of hominids
8.4 million years ago
walk upright
member of group with humans& other related species
hunting and gathering

gatering- women (berries, nuts, roots, fruit, weeds(plants)
small brain
big head
animal like
Binomial Nomenclature
systomatic naming of living things
1st word is CAP. and 2nd one is not, when writing underline
before writing was created
protect evidence
natural protective homes
lack of tech to build
occupational level- level of ground when each family is using it
Carbon dating
used to establish the age of an artifact
classifications for carbon dating
must be at least 50,000 years old

must have been living
Carbon 14 in living things
c-14 is absorbed by living things
the c-14:c-12 ratio remains constant
c-14 is always decaying but replacing it's self in living things
dating a fossil
organisms stop absoring c-14 when they die
when c-24 decays it doesn't replace itself

has a half life of 5,100 yrs.
record th history of fossil remains and life of eaths earliest living creatures
study human biology/origins, society, and cultral pratices
study surviving, preliterate societes
the genus "Homo"
had to make or use tools
Challenges of Ancient History
Lack of writing- author's perspective, usually wealthy, in power and male

ARCHAEOLOGY-open to interpretation, partial evidence, different state then the original, location-could be helpful becaus it could tell how people migrate from place to place

nothing is certain- later evidence skew the view on something, just hypothesis' because none of us were there