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missed abortion
before completion of 22 wks gestation (632)
dead fetus syndrome
after 6 wks in uterus (641.3x)
5th digit for complications in addition to abortion
antepartum (3)
early onset delivery
less than 500 g or 22 wks getstation (644.21)
639 cannot be coded with
634 to 638
immediate complications following abortion, ectopic or molar pregnancies OR complication responsible for episode of care
abortion 5th digits
incomplete = 1
complete = 2
unspecified = 0
nonviable fetus
less than 500 g or 22 wks
abortion classifications
spontaneous (634)
legal (635)
illegal (636)
unspecified (637)
failed attempted (638)
complications following (639)
fetal death
greater than 500 g or 22 wks gestation
habitual aborter
three phases of pregnancy
antepartum, labor & delivery, postpartum
prenatal period
postpartum (puerperium)
end of stage 3 (infant & all other products expelled) through 6 wks
malpresentation at time of delivery
look under 'delivery, complicated by'
pregnancy, complicated (by)
find infections, placental abnormalities, etc
pregnancy, management affected by
find advanced maternal age, multiple births, etc
normal delivery (650) requires
1) fetal presentation=occipital, cephalic or vertex
2) no antepartum conditions or L&D abnormalities
3) Single liveborn (V27.0)
4) Only episy's - no forceps
single liveborn
normal delivery
only episy's, amniotomy, manual assistance, fetal monitoring, sterilization - no forceps
before 37 wks complete gestation
38 to 40 wks gestation
41 to 42 wks gestation
43 wks or more gestation
pregnancy (e.g. G2, second pregnancy)
has delivered (e.g.P1, delivered one infant)
gravida 2, para 1 =
two pregnancies, one delivery
early onset delivery
delivery before 37 wks gestation (644.2x)
late pregnancy
delivery over 40 wks (645.1x or 645.2x)
multiple gestation
delivery, complicated by (651)
pregancy, complicated by (651)
malposition and malpresentation
delivery, complicated by (652)
5th digits for previous
c-section delivery (654.2x)
limited to 0,1,3
fetal distress
only when documented as affecting mother's mgmt (656.3x)
Pt is admitted due to HIV-related disease during pregnancy
1) 647.6x (infection complicating pregnancy)
2) 042 (HIV)
3) xxx.xx (HIV-related condition
Pt is pregnant with asymptomatic HIV
1) 647.6x (infection complicating pregnancy)
2) V08 (asymptomatic HIV)
5th digits in combination
1 with 2, but not with 0,3,4
2 with 1, but not with 0,3,4
3 alone, but not with 0,1,2,4
4 alone, but not with 0,1,2,3
liveborn, 35 wks gestation

650 or not?
vaginal brith after cesarean, normal liveborn infant

650 or not?
lveborn infant, full-term, transverse presentation switched to cephalic prior to delivery

650 or not?
35 wks gestation

term or not?
delivered at 36 wks

early onset or not?
YES, early onset
gestational diabetes
glucose intolerance
gestational diabetes with DM in pregnancy?
stage of dilation
first stage, from onset of contractions until os is flush w/vagina and birth canal is complete
delivery - stage of expulsion
stage two, from end of stage one until expulsion of infant
delivery - placental stage
stage three, from end of stage two until placenta and membranes are expelled
delivery - final stage
stage four, hour or two after delivery until uterine tone is reestablished
obstetrical procedures
look under Delivery
obstetrical procedures
look in Chapter 13, Tabular, Vol 3
find procedure for Cesarean Section

under Delivery?
No, under Cesarean Section
find procedure for Medical Induction of Labor

under Delivery?
No, under Induction