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Prescribe eye drops containing 1% (w/w) of Pilocarpini hydrochloridum!

Pilocarpini hydrochloridi
centigrammata decem (0,10)
Solutionis ophthalmicae cum benzalkonio FoNo VII
ad grammata decem (10,0)
Misce fiat oculogutta.
Detur sub signo veneni.
Detur ad vitrum fuscum.
D.S.: For external use only. Administer one drop in the conjunctival sac of the affected eye every 24 hours. Expires after two weeks or one week after opening
Prescribe in dry form (powder) a mixture containing Belladonnae folii extractum siccum normatum Papaverini hydrochloridum and Metamizolum natricum!

Belladonnae folii extracti sicci normati
centigrammata quattuor (0,04)
Papaverini hydrochloridi
centigrammata sex (0,06)
Metamizoli natrici
gramma semis (0,5)
Misce fiat pulvis.
Dentur tales doses No decem (X).
Detur ad capsulas ceratas.
S.: Take 1 capsule for pain relief. The maximum daily dose is 3 capsules
Prescribe Belladonnae folii extractum siccum normatum, Papaverini hydrochloridum and Noraminophenazonum natrium mesylicum in rectal suppositories!

Belladonnae folii extracti sicci normati
centigrammata quinque (0,05)
Papaverini hydrochloridi
centigrammata decem (0,10)
Metamizoli natrici
gramma semis (0,5)
quantum satis
Misce fiat suppositorium.
Dentur tales doses No sex (VI).
S.: Insert one suppository in the rectum for pain relief. The maximum daily dose is 3 suppositories.
Prescribe powder containing Aluminii oxydum hydricum and Magnesii oxidum leve!

Aluminii oxydi hydrici
grammta quadraginta (40,0)
Magnesii oxydi levis
grammata decem (10,0)
Misce fiat pulvis.
Detur ad scatulam.
S.: Take half of a teaspoonful mixed with some water before and after meal, three times daily.
Prescribe potassium citrate in powder form!

Kalii citratis
grammma unum (1,00)
Dentur tales doses No viginti (XX).
Detur ad chartam.
D.S.: Take one powder mixed with some water, twice daily.
Prescribe Digoxin tablets!

Tablettarum Digoxin 0.25 mg
scatulas originales No.: quinque (V.)
D.S.: Take one tablet a day.
Prescribe Digoxin injections!

Injectionis Digoxin 0.5 mg
ampullas originales No.: unam (I)
D.S.: Suo nomine, to be administered by an MD only!
Prescribe Verapamil tablets!

Tablettarum Verapamil 40 mg
scatulam originalem No.: unam (I.)
D.S.: Take one pill three time a day.
Prescribe Nitromint tablets!

Tablettarum Nitromint 0.5 mg
scatulas originales No. unam (I)
D.S.: dissolve 1 tablet under your tongue at the first signs of an anginal attack .
Prescribe Ulceran tablets!

Tablettarum Ulceran 150 mg
scatulas originales No.: unam (I)
D.S.: Take one tablet twice daily
Prescribe Salbutamol aerosol!

Aerosoli Salbutamol
scatulam originalem No.: unam (I.)
D.S.: administer 1-2 inhalations for relief of an asthmatic attack. This may be repeated after 6 hours.
Prescribe Norvasc tablets!

Tablettarum Norvasc 5 mg
scatulas originales No.unam (I)
D.S.: Take one tablet daily.
Prescribe Ulceran tablets!

Tablettarum Ulceran
scatulas originales No.: tres (III.)
D.S.: Take one tablet three times daily.
Prescribe Furosemid injections!

Injectionum Furosemid
ampullas originales No.: quinque (V.)
D.S.: Suo nomine, must be given by an MD only!
Prescribe Amilorid compositum tablets!

Tablettarum Amilorid compositum
scatulas originales No.: unam (I)
D.S.: Take one tablet in the morning.
Prescribe Minipress tablets!

Tablettarum Minipress
scatulas originales No.: decem (X.)
D.S.: Take one tablet twice a day.
prescribe ethylmorphini containing drops for internal use!
ethylmorphini hydrochloridi
ctga viginiti (0.2)
aquae purificatae
ad gta decem (10)
misce fiat solutio
da ad vitrum fuscum guattatorium
S: take 20 drops 3 times a day
prescribe powder mixture containing ethylmorhphini hydrochlorati, caffeine, paracetamol, acetylsalicylic acid!
ctga due (0.02)
ctga sex (0.06)
acidi acetylsalicycli
aa ad gma unum (1.0)
misce fiat pulvis
dentur tales doses No. decem (X)
da ad chartam
s: take 1 powder for pain relief, max. 3 times a day.
prescribe diazepam (seduxan, valim) tablets
tab. seduxan
scart. origin. No unam (I)
DS: 1 at evening
prescribe diclofenac (voltaren) tablets
Tab. Voltaren
Scart. orinig. No unam (I)
S: 2X1
prescribe prefloxacine (peflacine) tablets
Tabl. Peflacine
scat. orig. No. Unam (I)
s: 2X1
prescibe metronidazole (klion, flagyl) tablets
Tab. Klion
Scat. orig. No. Unam (I)
S: 2X1 after meals for 10 days
prescibe prednisolon (prednison) tablets
Tab. Prednisone
Scat. orig. No Unam (I)
S: take 3 tablets in the morning