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Although Mauss could be considered a classic anthropologist, why is he best described as 'preclassic'?
Mauss is Durkheimian in approach, and thus has more in common with the preclassic anthropologists.
Did Durkheim engage in field work?
No, Durkheim did not engage in field work. Durkheim and Mauss were both "armchair anthropologists".
List at least seven contributions Boas made towards anthropology.
cultural relativism; participant observation; statistical analysis; learn local language; use physical anthro to tackle political and practical problems; destruction of 'fixed racial types'; look at variation within and between groups.
In a lecture in 1911, Rivers announced that he was no longer a "_____ ______", but a "_____".
Cultural evolutionist; diffusionist.
How does Frazer explain puzzling cultural customs?
By looking at parallels.
What is Tylor's focus?
As a cultural evolutionist, Tylor's focus is on material evolution, and religious evolution, including mythology.
Morgan's first full-length ethnography,"League of the Iroquois" shows a wide range of interests, including...(name 7)
field work; kinship and marriage; cultural change; applied anthro; animal/human comparisons; architecture/house types; and archaeology.
According to Tylor, are maternal/paternal systems always in coexistence, and do they represent stages?
No, they are not always in coexistence, and they do not represent stages but two ways of organizing.
Who composed the first ethnographies on the Huron people, and why did these people produce relatively good ethnographies?
The French missionaries; they lived with the Hurons for a long time, they spoke the native language, they were relatively less prejudiced and they could be considered relatively intellectually competent.
From McLellan's time to WWII, these 2 anthropologists were important to the study of Totemism.
Spencer and Gillen.
What was Rivers' focus?
Kinship and social organization.
Which of these anthropologists conducted field work: Morgan, Tylor, Frazer, Durkheim, Mauss, Rivers, Boas.
Morgan, Rivers and Boas.
Who developed "Cephalic Index" and what is it?
Cephalic Index (racist idea) was developed by Anders Retzius.It is [max. breadth/max. length x 100].
What major contribution did Boas make to the way in which anthropology is studied in North America?
Boas introduced the 4-field approach.
Explain the terms monogenesis and polygenesis.
Monogenesis = one origin; and
Polygenesis = many origins.