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Book of Ruth, 900-500 BC, mom
Book of Ruth, 900-500 BC, pledges devotion
Book of Ruth, 900-500 BC, marry Ruth to help both
Just Law
MLK, letter from birmingham jail, 1963, majority makes minority and does it themselves
civil disobedience
mlk, letter from birmingham jail, 1963, refuse to obey laws and demands of govn't without violence
Unjust law
mlk, letter from birmingham jail, 1963, minority is forced by majority who won't do it themselves
4 steps to non-violence
mlk, letter from birmingham jail, 1963, collect facts, negotiation, self-purification, direct action
Tabula Rasa
john locke, second treatise, blank slate, 1688
glorious revolution
1688, william and mary take thrown, protestant, locke, second treatise
James II
father of mary II, catholic, Locke, second treatise, 1688
William of Orange
Locke, 1688, second treatise, locke justifys his coming to thrown, new protestant king
thomas hobbes
locke, second treatise, 1688, absolutism, people are bad, divine right of monarchy
Sir Robert Filmer
locke, second treatise, 1688, locke criticizes him, divine right
state of nature
locke, second treatise, 1688, liberty & liscence- do something don't have place to do
State of war
locke, second treatise, 1688, to prevent state of war
natural law
all declarations, humans by nature are good and equal, inherited, 1776
George III
king of england, audience of declartation of independance, 1776
French and Indian war
dec. of indep., 1776, how colonists had advantage, fought on terrain
intolerable acts
1774, laws passed by britain, after boston tea party, dec. indep.
consent of governed
taxation without representation, dec. indep., 1776
seneca falls convention
1848, dec. sent., first womens rights
elizabeth cady stanton
1848, dec. sent., wanted vote, met mott in london at slave convention
lucretia mott
womens suffrage, dec. sent., 1848
cult of domesticity
dec. sent, 1848, housewives, married, stay home,raise kids, morals
john stuart mill
1861, english philosopher, rights of women, sex equality, majority of one
universal declaration of human rights
1948, WWII ending, UN, what the world should be
Eleanor Roosevelt
leader in UN, universal dec., 1940's, committee of univ. dec, HUMAN RIGHTS
all members follow dec., 1948, after WWII, prevent wars