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What caused the French and Indian War?
Competition over the beaver fur trade in the Ohio River Valley.
What the purpose of the Albany Plan of Union?
The purpose was to form a government which would unite for a common defense against the French.
Who created the Albany Plan of Union?
Benjamin Franklin
What happened to the French after the French and Indian war?
The French lost their territory in North America and were kicked out of Canada.
What was the Royal Proclamation of 1763?
It said that the colonists were not allowed to travel west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Who fought in Pontiac's War?
The coloninsts and the Native americans who were upset that the colonists were encroaching on their territory.
What act passed by the British sought to tax the triangular trade?
The Sugar Act.
What act taxed glass, paper, silk, lead?
The Townshend Act.
Who was the fist person killed for the cause of liberty?
Crispus Attucks
What does propaganda mean?
The use of exaggeration throught the media to prove a point.
What did the First Continental Congress urge the colonists to do?
Get ready for war and form militias (citizen armies),
What was passed which allowed British soldiers to stay in colonial houses?
The quartering act.
What act put a tax on legal documents, such as wills and marriage licenses?
The stamp act.
While the colonists were celebrating the repeal of the Stamp Act, which act did the British parliament pass telling the colonists that the British were still in charge and could raise any taxes they wanted to?
The Declaratory Act.
Why were the colonists so angry with the British taxes?
They didn't believe in taxation without representation.
What group boycotted the goods that the British taxed?
The sons of liberty.
Who were the two European participants in the French and Indian War?
England and France
Who published the "Bloody Massacre" engraving?
Paul Revere
Who called the Boston Ooops we killed five colonists incident a massacre?
Sam Adams.