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what is another term for an accordian fold?
fan fold
what is an aqueous coating?
a water-based coating applied at the end of the press run
what is the purpose of an aqueous coating?
To protect a printed piece against moisture, dirt and scuffing
what is a blueline?
a photographic contact print made from press-ready negatives used as proofs to show positioning of images, cropping and page sequence.
Give 2 other names for bluelines
What type of paper is bond paper?
grade of paper used for photocopies, envelopes, office correspondence and flyers
What is brightness of paper?
The amount of light reflectivity a given paper has
What is bristol paper?
A type of paper stock - 6points or thicker used for index card, file folders or postcards
What is a bulking dummy?
A dummy assembled from the paper specified for a printing job
What is a butt? or to butt up?
To join two elements edge to edge
What is case binding?
binding which uses glue to hold signatures to a case made of binder board covered with either plastic, fabric or leather
What is another word for a caption?
what is cast-coated paper?
coated paper with a high-gloss finish achieved by pressing the paper against the metal drum while the clay coating is still wet