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when was NASPO formed?
What is the State and Local Govt Purchasing publication? when was it first published? every how many years is it republished? how many years is the survey data section republished?
1975 first published. updated every 4 years. survey data updated every two years.
Procurement definition 7 elements
Note: Includes the purchasing process.
5 fundamentals of public procurement
1) competition [fun mentals compete
success of a public procurement programs rests upon what?
sound design and effective implementation of principles.
some bullets describing 13 principles that the procurement system design should embrace read do not memorize pg 4
Most-favored customer clause
opposed by NASPO, used by federal government
multiple awards to various vendors more than what is needed. disadvantage - reduces standardization and requires more maintenace agreements in place, more repair parts etc...
what is centralized procurement
Centralization of "authority" of the process.
High visibility issues
1) procurement of services