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The difficulties of getting married
Things are under control at the moment, we have a site (the Kappe's backyard), we have a honeymoon (Bora Bora!), and we have a photographer.  you could pray for the more spiritual side of things, as we try to become people who are more selfless, and want the best for the other person above our own.  We could definitely use prayer for the physical side of the relationship as we try to keep ourselves pure and "stuff." 
Mom has a polyp -is going to have a colonoscopy. Praise God the doctor was able to test the polyp and find it unharmful!
Salvation of his family, especially grandad. His sister Tara?
matt is in boot camp. josh is trying to get out of his old lifestyle.
safety for cousins in the war. piece of mind for Aunt and Uncle.
Direction in life
Alan his brother is lonely.
Chris is going to have another child.
Grandparents are moving out.
Difficult family situation.
Mom is at the house, sometimes she can drive. Sometimes she can't.
Bianca has been lonely recently
She is working at Shakeys
Issues deciding what to do with her life.
Mom's health hasn't been good.
She is dating Tinny
Beth's Dad comes to church on the third and fourth sunday of every week.
For her brother who is not walking close to Jesus.
Perseverence at work and trying to marry Sarah.
Taking CSAT in November
That her dad would come to Christ.
For patience and wisdom as she teaches at Baldwin park.
Her relationship with God. That it would be strengthened as it is matured.
Justin Garcia
Give him patience as he needs to finish his BA degree and as he continues to love Sarah without smuthering her.