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A patient's assigned provider is designated in the ??? tab
Other Information
The designation of an individual as patient or guarantor is made in the following field in the patient/guarantor dialog box
The case number is located in the ??? tab of the case folder
If a patient is being treated for injuries related to an automobile accident, information about the accident must be entered in the ??? tab of the Case folder
If a patient's treatment is only authorized through a certain date, this date is entered in the ??? tab of the case folder
New multilink codes can be created by selecting an option on the ??? menu
Which of the following is not a option in the claims status list in the list only claims that match dialog box?
Challenge - Hold - Denied - Rejected
The report that can be displayed to check electronic claims before transmitting the is called
Batch verification report
If an electronic claim requires an attachment, where is this noted in Medisoft?
A patient Day Sheet report can be filtered by all of the following except:
Date - Attending Provider - Dollar Amount - Billing Code
Dollar Amount
In the Open Report dialog box, reports can be sorted by all styles except:
List - Insurance Form - Day Sheet - Statement
Day Sheet
The ??? field in the Tickler tab specifies the action that will be taken on the overdue account
Action Required
A report used to keep track of accounts in collections
Collection Tracer