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Universal Church Government
1. Episcopol - hierarchy of men govern the church
2. Conciliar - church governed by councils
3. Associational - churches associate but maintain authority of each individual congregation
4. Erastian - government controls church
Local Chruch Government
1. Monarchial Bishop - pastor rules the church
2. Elder Rule - body of elders in control (1Tim 3, Tit 1, 1Pet 5, Acts 20)
3. Congregational Rule - final authority lies in the church (Matt 18, Acts 6, 15)
Roles of Women in Church
- complementarianism - men & women equally valuable to God (Gal 3), men have authority
- egalitarianism - submission not original design - Christ taught they were equal - no hierarchy within trinity - Gal 3 supports equal view
My view of roles of women
- no teach or have authority over men 1Cor 14
- modesty 1Tim 2
- teach younger women Tit 2
- can have a role in teaching other members of the church as long as it is not authoritative Ac 18
Nature of Baptism
- saving/grace conveying
- symbolic (Eph 2)
Recipient of Baptism
- new believers and infants of believing parents
- believers only (Ac 2, Matt 28, Col 2)
Mode of Baptism
- immersion (Ac 8, Ro 6, Col 2)
- sprinkling pouring
- bread & wine actually become the body of Christ
- repetition of the sacrifice of Christ
- "in, with, and under"
- physical body of Christ is present in with and under the communion implements
Memorial View of Communion
- symbolic (Luke 22, 1Cor 11)
- spiritual presence of Christ
Views of Divorce and Remarriage
1. No divorce or remarriage
2. Divorce in some cases, but no remarriage
3. Divorce and remarriage in a wide variety of circumstances
4. divorce and remarriage in very limited circumstances
My view of Divorce and Remarriage
- Gen 2 "one flesh"
- Matt 5, 19 "divorce in cases of sexual immorality - porneia"
- 1Cor 7 "unbelieving spouse wants out"
- Gen 1 "subdue earth"
- 2Thes 3 "no work = no eat"
- Eph 4 "work to share"
- Eph 2 "good works planned in advance"
- Col 3 "do all to the glory of God"