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a check to perform before printing your documentto check it's 'readability'
aim for a score of 60-70
readability statistics
what colour are misspelled words shown in?
what colour are possible grammar mistakes shown in?
contains synonyms for words and some common phrases
the text that appears at the top of every page of a document
text that appears at the bottom of every page
typically contain information such as the title of the document, the date, the name of the author, and the current page number
headers and footers
page numbers are automatically updated when page content changes during editing by clicking this button
insert page number
occurs within a document where one page ends and the next page begins - displayed as a horizontal dotted line
page break
divides a document into sections - displayed as a double dotted line - used when parts of a document require different page-based format settings
section break
referred to in Word as a 'picture', it is composed of a grid of coloured dots
bitmap graphic
true or false?
Word does not provide a feature to create bitmap graphics, but you can insert them and manipulate them
sometimes called a 'drawing', it is created with basic shapes, such as lines, curves, and rectangles
vector graphics
clip art, logos, and organizational charts are often created using these graphics
vector graphics
true or false?
when using a 'canvas' in the drawing toolbar, you can group multiple shapes together so that they may be moved as one unit
controls the way text flows around a picture
text wrapping
affects the amount of text that you can fit on a page
orientation to print the page vertically
orientation to print the page horizontally - a good idea if you have a wide document
format used if you want to post a page on the internet - as with web pages
HTML -Hypertext Markup Language
maintains all deleted, changed, and inserted text for a document and displays it in a contrasting font colour
track changes feature
the electronic version of 'sticky notes' in your document - displayed as balloons in the margins
comment feature
allow you to emphasize certain sections of text or parts of a table
borders and shading
a line or graphic drawn around a page or section of textble cells
grayscale or colour background applied to text tapredefined set of coordinated styles, cololurs, and text options designed to be applied to an existing document
allows word to automatically format your document, either as you type or after the document is completed
feature that makes it easier to replicate formats from one text selection to another
format painter