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creates visual backdrops for speeches and oral presentations - provides a set of tools to help you script, organize, and display a presentation
Microsoft Powerpoint
contains objects such as titles, items in a bulleted list, graphics, and charts
slides are presented with a computer and a projection device - can also be printed on transparencies, copied for handouts, or posted as a web page
powerpoint presentation
can be used to list key concepts
can present the steps in a process
numbered list
can simplify complex ideas and present numerical or statistical data creatively
work areas in powerpoint
current slide is diplayed in the right pane, the slides and outline tabs are in the left pane
normal view
collection of professionally selected slide colour schemes, fonts, graphic accents, and background colours
design template
present a list of bulleted or numbered points
title and text layouts
shows a variety of slide styles
text and content layout
shows how the slide will look to the audience
slide show view