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arranging the information on a worksheet from A to Z
ascending order
arranging the information on a worksheet from Z to A
descending order
use to chart or graph data in your worksheet
Excel Chart Wizard
show data that changes over time
line chart
illustrates the proportion of parts to a whole
pie chart
used to show comparisons
bar chart or column chart
used to determine whether the data is in row format or column format
series in action
allows you to draw simple lines and shapes on a worksheet
drawing toolbar
allows you to insert simple shapes on a worksheet
autoshapes option
allows you to see how a worksheet will look when it is printed
print preview
to adjust a worksheets overall size or force it to fit the width of a single page
scaling option
allows you to specify if you want to print gridlines or row and column headings - allows you to select a section of a worksheet to print
sheet tab
lines that separate one cell from another
option that allows you to print only the current worksheet
active sheets
a way to save the worksheet as a web page that allows others to modify it
add interactivity