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Why is discipline undertaken?
-infraction of rules
-poor performance
What should FIRST happen when a disciplinary situation arises?
Inform your BC
Causes for discipline
-failure to observe applicable rules and regs
-failure to cooperate with co-workers
-fraud in securing appointment
-inexcusable neglect of duty
-drunk or drinking on duty
-chronic alcoholism
-narcotics or habit-forming drugs w/o Rx
-unexcused absence w/o leave
-conviction of a felony or misdemeanor w/ moral turpitude
-discourteous treatment of public of other employee
-unlawful political activity
-willful disobedience
-misuse of City property
-violation of conflict of interest codes
-on or off duty act detrimental to public service
Supporting documents needed when starting discipline procedures may include
-Vehicle accident report
-Lost/Stolen/Damaged Equipment Report
-written statements of employees involved
-witness statements
-other supporting documents
4 types of discipline
-written reprimand
-formal discipline
4 levels of Formal discipline
-temporary salary reduction (temporary step reduction)
Discipline Packet includes
-transmittal form
-Documentaion of employee misconduct form
-discipline memo
-supporting memos
-other docs
-copies of policies violated (R & R, EOPP, TOPP, etc)
-copies of any prior discipline
Explain Transmittal Form
-Provides space for comment at each step in the CHAIN and allows each level to agree, disagree and/or comment on the discipline being recommended
-FC/designee makes final determination after reading input from all
Explain Documentation of Employee Misconduct Form
-used when preparing any proposed disciplinary action
-signed by immediate supervisor
-serves as a cover sheet
Explain the Discipline Memo
-Describes the misconduct
-explains the facts of case
-recommends disciplinary action
Explain Supporting Memos
memos from witnesses, supervisors that support the evidence
Explain COUNSELING (1st Step)
-informal discussion with FF designed to develop skills & abilties, help understand job & responsibilities
-may clarify standards, rules, seek info, evaluate strengths & weakness
-OR immediate reaction to misconduct
-initiate at first indication of problem
-note info in personal notes
-set standards, goals and timetables for correction
Duties of Supervisor when starting discipline procedures
-evaluate situation soon after incident OR
-as soon as evident there is a problem (performance, behavior)
-conduct complete, fair & objective investigation
-takes notes and document all
-keeps notes, docs as resource in preparing
What does disciplining a FF for "cause" mean ?
that corrective action is taken in response to misconduct or poor performance
Steps to take when disagreement over the facts of the case arise
-have documentation to bakc up your statements
-burden is upon you to to show/prove cause for discipline
Documentation check list #1
-written record while memory fresh?
-date/time/location of incident
-specific words or act/inaction
-performance standards violated
-rules & regs violated
-gather & attached all records, reports
-note consequences of action/inaction/behavior on FF performance and/or crew
Documentation checklist #2
-objective in recording actual observations
-note FF reaction to your efforts to modify behavior
-consult BC on FF actions & proposed recommendations
-include all paperwork, statements
-include FF statement (own version)
-time sheets/journals if related to tardy,absent
-FF's record of prior discipline
-MVA report, PD report
Standards for written materials
-clear, coherent, & cohesive
-correct format, spelling, grammar, punctuation
-proofread and correct
-refers to sample docs for correct format
-some phrases must be copied "word-for-word"
If Formal discipline is anticipated, who also gets a copy?
BAS gets a hard copy (paper) and soft copy (Word doc)
Can your BC have you write a discipline letter for a case you are not involved in?
-Content, recommendation, signature of BC.
-maintain confidentiality
Explain Progressive Discipline
-intended to be corrective, not punitive
-CA takes progressive harsher action action if FF not responds to previous instructions, warnings
-FF given opportunity to correct behavior
What acts call for skipping steps or immediate formal discipline?
-theft or other serious misconduct
-when similar incidents continue to occur even after warnings at Department-level
What factors should be considered when deciding on the level of discipline?
-job relevance
-length of service
-seriousness of offense
-prior discipline
-current City/Dept. policies regarding corrective measures for offense committed
-past performance & work record
-comparable level of discipline given to others for similar offense
Options for Captain when receives a contrary opinion from higher in CHAIN.
-consult w/ BC & revise the written recommendation to reflect discussions from higher in Chain
-keep original decision and forward through Chain
-FC has final decision in disciplinary action
Review Discipline Checklist
6 areas/questions to consider